The end

I have officially completed my Christmas cards. Now if I just had a decent pic of the goose and Stella Bean. I actually don’t think I shall ever make Christmas cards again. It was a total pain in the ass, but at last I must always make shit.
So I did a simple design. Baubles. I have been on a baubles kick ever since I made the ones for goose’s teachers. I just loved how they turned out and I think bauble is actually a British thing, not sure, I always thought they were just balls. Haha!
So I made them general. I send a few cards to some of OHM family and they are not Christian. That lead me to the baubles.
I actually bought cards and envelopes. I know, but I was not looking forward to making 30+ envelopes, that is alot of shit to do. I cut the cards is half as they were the folded kind and I like flat cards. I probably could have made them postcards, hmmm… maybe next year.
Then I cut out circles in all different colors of scrap book paper, well actually just pink, purple, green, and blue. There was some yellow and orange and black as well but mostly the former colors. I has more ribbon that matched those colors.
Then I cut ribbon for their hanging things.
I outlined each bauble with glitter and modge podged the cards. Fini and so cute!
Christmas cards 2011…




I kinda a feel good being done with all my Christmas stuff by the first weekend of December. Now time to celebrate my birthday and then get the house ready for the holidays!

… later


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