Polly wants a cracker, I think I should get off her first

So I stated I was going to do a random post on Fridays and now Friday is over and I really got nothing.

Work has been crazy busy and I can’t seem to find the time to find more patients and I need more patients. Oh well! May be next week, my schedule looks light due the impending holiday.

Well life… Good busy crazy hectic you know the normal shit.

I turned 33 last thursday and I feel so much older… not. Oh how I love it.

I did receive my lovely birthday/ Christmas present for mom. A great new camera. Tomorrow I am going to try to upload some pics and do a post.

I have been working on a hat pattern and it is not working how I want it to and it’s a gift for KMASD so I need to really get it done.

I have already made one and I feel it is too small. Then I made another and it seems too big, but it was for me and I got a big ass head so all good.

I began another yesterday, but I am not happy with the stitching so I frogged some of it and I will work on it some more tomorrow. I need to look at my stitch books and try some things out. Maybe swatches tomorrow?? Hmm… I have to finish up the holiday baking… And I have the goose… We shall see.

… later


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