So no friday post last week. PS I am totally not good about remembering to do things.

And it has been Christmas. Super busy with present making, shopping, baking, and all the usual stuff. And goose has been home with me for the past 3 weeks, no trips to dad’s. So alone time I get is late at night and I really have been too tired to do much.

I hope everyone had a great christmas. I know that I did. I received some great and thoughtful gifts. I need to use my lovely new camera and get some pics. If I could just motivate myself in the evening to get the pics off the camera and actually get on my computer not this here phone.

So Christmas in the south was quite lovely. About 60F and a bit raining on Sunday. Christmas eve was great, cool, but not too bad. Me and goose delivered cookies to the neighbors on Saturday and ended up staying all evening. They had a bonfire going and goose had fun putting wood and leaves on the fire and playing with their dog cricket.

Our neighbor, Mr Bill got out his spot light and took goose down the street looking for Santa in the sky. I think they enjoyed having a little one around that believes in the big man in red.

It was a great night and goose completely passed out when it was over. He was so excited about Christmas this year. He wouldn’t leave the house because he was afraid he would miss Santa. It was all too funny.

Christmas day was quite nice. We were up at 730 and within 15 mins all presents were opened and scatter about the whole downstairs. Goose loved all his toys and really had fun playing with them. Mom kept saying to me that goose didn’t get too much and it did not take him long to open them all, but he just has so much and he didn’t need anything.

Now if I could just get motivated to clean out all his toys and organize them…

Motivation is such a dirty word for me. I just don’t have any of it. Maybe because I am so tired and there is just so much to do around now. Maybe in the new year, we shall see.

I do need to set up some goals for me in the coming year. I don’t do resolutions, I try to set goals. But in reality I am too much of a slacker to actually do anything. But I already have some goals in mind, one I set awhile ago and have not done anything about.

Goal #1. move move move. This goal actually means alot. It means I have to find a new job and get away from the south and get away from everything I currently know. Now driving home from work on Friday, I realized that I do not want to do my job anymore. Now don’t get me wrong I love my job and where I work, but I am tired of all the patients. I want someone else to deal with them. And with that statement… A new job… A new state… A new life…. #1 goal.

And I set this goal over a year ago when all the crap with OHM was going on. I realized then I needed to get goose away from that man and this place. I actually wanted to be gone by Oct 2011, but again slacker did not happen. I give myself 6 months, so by Jun 2012. Let’s see if I stick to it.

Goal #2. complete the book, the first craft/ project book. I have it just sitting on my shelf next to my desk, it is just waiting to be complete. Some patterns need to be written or fixed, and some projects completed or done. I believe there are only 30 projects in there, but mostly they need patterns.

I need to go through it and my yarn and get it all together. I have only 3 projects going right now and only 1 is from the first book, the notso baby blanket. #2 is a hat/ scarf for KMASD and I do not like how it is turning out. #3 is a pair of fingerless long gloves that are going to be too small for me. I have completed one, and yet to begin the other.

Again I just have no motivation for anything right now.


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