Police and Theives

I have been neglecting my life lately, it seems. I really dislike the holiday season and I am so happy it is almost over, only one more holiday to go, New Years Eve.

New Years Eve is always a disappointment for me. I think in my head I have that it will some crazy, beautiful, amazing night in which life is perfect and surreal. But in reality, it is just a drunken or not drunken night at a random bar with friends. It is completely unepic and lame.

So last year MMM stated that you should really spend New Years Eve with people you truly love and want to spend the next year with. So this year, I am going to be at home and really looking forward to it. I am going to keep my little goose up to midnight. I am betting he will pass out by 10pm, but we are going to try.

So what  do you do for a kid New Years Eve party?

I need to get some noise makers and hats and such. I think I have some sparklers on top of the fridge, I’ll check when I get home.

 I think we will have some finger foods, ohh! maybe fondue, oh crap Mom is making a lasagna… not fondue, maybe I can convince her to change her plans tonight.

I think our neighbors were planning a bonfire that evening. And if so I will take the party over to their house. I know goose had alot of fun there on Christmas eve, but as always we shall see.

I need some champagne glasses and some sparkling non-alcoholic wine. That is what I always got as a kid.

 So hopefully all of this will be over soon and I can get back to life…

… later



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