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Good beer. Good friends. Good night. And thats all I got.



So I made some day of the dead coasters. I used my skull coaster pattern, some leftover cotton yarn from christmas gifts and scrap fabric that I have.

It only took me about 4 hours to complete from start to finish and I love them so much I might not be able to part with them at all, but I think i might have to. she will love them.

Ok pics…



So, when I began crocheting alot, I started a book. It is really just a sketch book that I write notes about current projects, patterns for future projects, and finished patterns for past projects. Well I really spent alot time writing down ideas and such. Now I have about 30 projects to do from this book. My goal this year is to complete them. Now they are mostly crochet, but there are some knit and some sewing in there. And another blanket. The only thing I don’t see finished by the end of the year is a second blanket. I have still not finished the first one and I am over halfway done.

Ok projects mostly of my own creation, but some are patterns I already have…

1. Notso baby blanket currently WIP and moving right along. I really want to complete it before I begin anything else, but I know in about 1 more color I will be totally bored with it.

2. Hexagon tote bag- I have actually made only 1 hexagon about a year ago, so I guess it is a WIP.

3. New christmas stocking for Goose- well now that I have my Stella Bean, maybe for her not him. He does have a hand crocheted stocking as is.

4. Floppy bunny toys- stuffed animals. I need to make alot this year since I have about 10 bags of stuffing- total exaggeration I probably have 5.

5. Blanket for me- I think I know the design I want to do and the colors I want to use- it is just now a matter of completing by the end of the year.

6. Jr Varsity Sweater for the goose- this is a crochet pattern from a magazine that I have and maybe a good way to see how to form sweaters. Plus I already have all the yarn it was purchased about 6 months ago and is currently living in stash under my bed.

7. Crochet clutch- hmmm…. I don’t know I just have designs and plans for it in my book.

8. On the go project bag… I don’t actually need, but may be good to throw in my purse for some little projects that I could possibly make.

9. A Fedora- yes that is right. The crochet dad has a pattern, but I don’t like the front post on it and he uses fishing line or something in it to keep it stiff- I have written out a pattern but have not yet tested. I am still not sure what kind of yarn to use.

10. A stuffed toy Toothless from how to train your dragon- he is my son’s favorite and I think all little boys need dinosaurs and dragons. I can’t find a free pattern, but I am pretty sure I can wing it. HAHAHAHA!

11. Puntatony Til, another stuffed toy for my little one. This is actually one of his imaginary friends

12. Stella Bean- this was planned way before we actually got the dog and I think I will make a small one for her- then she can be a cannibal. HAHAHAHA [insert evil laugh here]

13. Floppy hat- need to design and make I want one, I want one for a friend, I think it’ll work- unless it becomes like the cowboy hat experiment of last spring- then I might have to get committed to a mental hospital, but we shall see.

14. Slouchy hat- yes yet another slouchy hat- this will be a beanie and pink. I already have the yarn and pattern. [side note I began working on this last week and the lovely dog that I have chewed up the yarn, yes I am a total crochet/ wanta be knitter and I have a dog that eats yarn- this is a problem]

15. Emu- not sure why except that I HEART EMUS! they are just so cute.

16. Flower brooches- I have only made one and not sure what I will do with them when I am done, but I want some none the less. [another side note I gave this to AEM for her birthday earlier this month. And she loved it!]

17 Cup cozy. I am completely fascinated with concept and don’t really know why one would need a cozy for their tea/ coffee cup, but I plan on making one- oh total thought- get cups from the thrift store and cozy them for christmas gifts next year… maybe that will work. I have been trying to think how I will get my christmas gifts made when I have all this other crap to do.

18. Fingerless mittens. I think I need some, but then again in about 2 weeks it will be warm again here in the south, so maybe not. I should make for next year. I already have the yarn as well, so I am not sure why they are not done yet.

19 cigarette case. no idea what to do here but I need a new one now! Maybe I should just quit smoking?

20. Cluster hat- there is a rough sketch, but not much else. Again I am not sure about this one, but it will be done.

21. Printer cover- just to keep the dust off my damn printer, I need this soon and have no idea how to make or what design to use. I have not yet seen anything like this, but I will think of something.

22, Granny round placemats- now note this was to be a christmas 2011 present for my mom, but I still have not gotten around to it. What the fuck do I do all the time?

23. red slippers for me. yes red and again no idea.

24. Knitted cardigan for me. I love a good cardigan and seem to really love a grandfather or Mr Roger type cardigan- they are my total favorite and I usually have one on. So this is what I want to make. And I do have a pattern- just need yarn.

25. Sewn summertime dress- will be similar to a maxi dress but made with some funky cotton. but really do I time to sew?

26. the granny mandala- a beautiful and useless thing that I absolutely love and want to put on my dinner room table. It seems like a huge and granny style doliey

27. tube socks- yes I want some tube socks and I have really not been able to find a good pattern, maybe I should make my own. Actually I think that was the plan, but now to knit or crochet? I actually have the white yarn. I inherited it from MMM crazy step grandmother.

28. Sewn sunglasses case- this is actually for KAB and myself. I was going to do some quilting on this one- ohhhh, my first attempt at quilting let’s just wait and see.

29. Broomstick lace bracelet. I saw this awhile ago and loved it. it would involve me learning how to do broomstick lace and I do want expand my crocheting skills this year, so just maybe.

30. a DPN case- I have a crap ton of DPNs and they look so lonely in a tin. They need a home in a nice case with the size they are embroider at each pocket.

Ok 30 projects in ,now, less than a year and some of them are pretty hefty- blankets, knitted sweater, socks oh my!

I think I can I think I can and you know I totally will.

…. later

So I am continuing with the hats it seems. I did make a goal this year to complete all the projects I had listed in my notebook to do. So that being said, I completed the first project listed, an owl hat for my goose.

I think this maybe a lofty goal, but I think I can I think I can. There are probably 50 projects and some are knitted sweater or blankets.

Okay so that hat. It is from a booklet I have called “Crazy Kids Caps” and the title of the hat is called “wise owl”. I believe the booklet is by Redheart supersaver yarns. I did not use the yarns suggests as I usually do not. I used some stuff I had previously purchased and am not really too fond of, but they work great for the hat.

The yarns were: Bernat Satin in sable, this was the main body of the hat. The other yarns were all Vanna’s choice in taupe, mustard and cream (I think I do not have the paper thingy that comes on the yarn). The colors worked well for the hat.

I followed the pattern mostly, but it seemed a bit too small for the giant head of my little one, so I added 2 more increasing rows. When it was done it did fit on my head, but it was a bit short. It should be perfect for the little one.

The hat is an owl. It seems I have this thing that my child must have an animal shaped hat on his head at all times. He usually doesn’t keep the hats on, maybe the animal theme is why. Damn, I am already embarrassing my four-year old. Oh well! He does love when I make him things….

So the hat turned out super cute, but that is not the only thing I have done all week. I also completed another Katy Cap for a coworker and made an infinity scarf to match.

I followed that hat pattern again, but left out the baubles, I just did the front posts. I also used a J hook and it fit much better so no increases or anything. The hat I think might be one of my new favorites to make. I also did not add any buttons or anything. I really did not feel that this one needed any.

I use one of my favorite brands of yarn Vanna’s choice, in eggplant. I discovered this bold deep purple in making of some wrist warmers that are still not done, but I have fallen in love with this color. I used about 3 skeins, all of 2 and a little of one.

For the scarf, I just chained about 200 stitches and then dc in the first row and dc in the back loop for next 9 rows. Total of ten rows. When I was done, I sewed in all ends and then sewed the ends of the scarf together to make it round. Now in the process of making my rows, I did mange to make the ends angle. When it was all sewed together it was just fine. I actually really love the scarf and may make one for me as well. It did not take as long as I thought it was going length of time of a project always deters me, but at last I am still trucking along on the Notso baby Blanket for the goose.

I really do hope my coworker like her hat and scarf. I actually think she will love them and I might have to make alot more.



So this week I went to California for the first time in my life. Yes I am currently 33 years old and have never been to the west coast. I would actually consider myself an east coast kinda girl anyway.

Well I had to travel out west for a meeting for work. Yes I am very lucky that I get to travel around our beautiful country for work. Now please note, I do have to work on my trips. I do get to play if I have time and I actually always get drunk in the hotel, why? because I can. I probably make a complete fool of myself.

Well I was in San Diego. It was beautiful and actually a little chilly. I did not bring a jacket or anything so I had to buy one when there. No worries. I gave it to mom because she loves gray and it was gray.

Well I stayed at the Sheraton hotel by the airport. Literally I could see the hotel when we stepped out of the airport. I was on the 9th floor and had a beautiful view of the bay. A coworker went with me and she had an amazing view of San Diego.

I managed to take my camera and take some pictures. I absolutely loved it, and I believe I need to take my goose sometime. Did you know that they have Legoland? I did not know it was there and I soooo want to go. I heart legos and having been buying alot for my little goose.

Okay photos…

So saturday of the last week I went to Stone Mountain Park with my son and a girl in his class family. It was actually one of the best times I have had in a long time. They have this thing there called Snow Mountain. They basically make snow. The kids had so much fun!

I didn’t get any pictures of the kids in the snow, my camera was up. I couldn’t have it on the sled ride. Oh yes! They have a sled ride area. it was super fun. Too bad the kids were too little for it by themselves. We had to do the family ride with them. Which was fun, just not as fun as the singles.

Now, you may think that this is a crazy thing to do, but here in the ATL we rarely get any snow, and if we do it is mostly ice, so snowmen and sledding is not something we can do often. And as a child there is nothing better than playing in the snow.

After our morning in the snow, we went to the top of Stone Mountain. It was quite beautiful. I had not been there since I was a child myself. You could just see all around. Goose keep saying that he could see the ocean. I had to explain to him that we were not that high up and it was just earth.

It was so peaceful and beautiful up at the top. I could have stayed all day.

The kids were completely fearless running around up there. I was so afraid that one of them would trip and tumble and keep on going off the side, but we were all okay.

This is something that we will do again and again. Maybe next time we will hike it.

… later

So, I was able to get on the am, but not really since. Crazy 4 year old has been keeping me from catching up.

Projects. I think that last thing that I blogged about was maybe the chow puppy slippers. Over the last few weeks I have made some hats. I wanted to make a hat for KMASD for christmas, so the hat making began. I really like making hats. They are cute and don’t take too long. I find that long projects bore me a bit.

Well on ravelry I found a great hat. It’s called the katy cap and can be found here I have made 2.

The first one I made was for KMASD and I use 2 strands of “I love this wool” in pastels. I put a big blue button on it as well. I was not too happy with the baubles, I feel like they look funny. But other than that I love the hat and the 2 strands make it super thick. It will be great for winter… if it ever gets cold down here in the south.

Anyhoo… the cap

It is cute, but I look totally washed. I like the colors.

I like that picture and I am aware that it is a bit fuzzy. I like that too. It is from my new camera. I would put up a picture of the camera, but I never remember to take one with my phone.

Well as I stated was not too happy with the bauble, so I redid the hat with no baubles, just front post. And this hat was for me.

It all began because I was getting all my outfits ready for the week and it was kinda cold at the beginning of last week. [Yes I put out all my cloths at the beginning of the week. it totally saves time in the morning and I really love to sleep.] Well I picked out a lovely blue and purple scarf that one of my mom’s friends had made me years ago. I was looking around my room by chance and noticed this lovely skein of purple yarn on my shelves. And the yarn just happened to match my scarf. It just had to be a hat.

I used the same pattern as above, but instead of the baubles I just did front post dc. Also the hat was working a bit small so I did have to add another increase. I just did the pattern described increase. It worked good and the hat fits great, but the post are not evenly spread. No worries, it’s just for me.

I used “I love this yarn” in mulberry. it took about half a skein, maybe 3.5 ozs. I also added a big blue button to help tie it in the scarf.

I love this hat and it is all mine! Hahahahahah [insert evil laugh] I call it the purple people eater.

Well all this hat making began because I was making a hat for KMASD for christmas. It began with an idea of a v stitch and pompom hat. So I made up a pattern and wrote it down and made a lovely hat. Now I did not like at all how the v stitch worked in the round and I am still trying to figure it out. But the first hat was very cute. It was just way to small for an adult. For god’s sake it fit goose’s head perfectly. [Please note that my child does have a very large head, but still too small for my head comfortably]. So the hat will belong to some lucky girl on day…

I used “I love this wool” in some color, don’t remember the name, but it is pink and green and quite lovely. This hat was made is all sc and the v stitch looks the best, well better than the second one that I made. Cute huh?

Well since it was too small I forged forward with the pattern making and the hat making, but I decided to stop making things for others for a moment and give myself a lovely birthday present.

Yes my birthday was last month and I am now 33 years old. That seems so freaking old, but I can’t help it.

Well I received some gift cards for craft stores for my birthday and I decided to buy some yarn to make myself a hat and scarf. I purchase some lovely “I love this yarn tweed” in black and began.

The hat seems a bit too big and it is all worked in dc. I did not like the way the v stitched worked this way, so that needs to be figured out on the next hat, but over all I am glad it is mine.

So I know hats take no time at all to make and a month is a long time, but other than that, that is all I have been up too. I did manage to clean out some of my craft supplies and I bought a shelf for my room. Give me a break too it was the holidays…

Oh yeah I did begin working on the Notso baby blanket and have been trucking right along with it.

… later and lets hope all of this stays here and does not disappear like the last time I tried to post this.