oh daddy dear, you’re still number one but girls just wanna have fun

So, I was able to get on the am, but not really since. Crazy 4 year old has been keeping me from catching up.

Projects. I think that last thing that I blogged about was maybe the chow puppy slippers. Over the last few weeks I have made some hats. I wanted to make a hat for KMASD for christmas, so the hat making began. I really like making hats. They are cute and don’t take too long. I find that long projects bore me a bit.

Well on ravelry I found a great hat. It’s called the katy cap and can be found here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-katy-cap. I have made 2.

The first one I made was for KMASD and I use 2 strands of “I love this wool” in pastels. I put a big blue button on it as well. I was not too happy with the baubles, I feel like they look funny. But other than that I love the hat and the 2 strands make it super thick. It will be great for winter… if it ever gets cold down here in the south.

Anyhoo… the cap

It is cute, but I look totally washed. I like the colors.

I like that picture and I am aware that it is a bit fuzzy. I like that too. It is from my new camera. I would put up a picture of the camera, but I never remember to take one with my phone.

Well as I stated was not too happy with the bauble, so I redid the hat with no baubles, just front post. And this hat was for me.

It all began because I was getting all my outfits ready for the week and it was kinda cold at the beginning of last week. [Yes I put out all my cloths at the beginning of the week. it totally saves time in the morning and I really love to sleep.] Well I picked out a lovely blue and purple scarf that one of my mom’s friends had made me years ago. I was looking around my room by chance and noticed this lovely skein of purple yarn on my shelves. And the yarn just happened to match my scarf. It just had to be a hat.

I used the same pattern as above, but instead of the baubles I just did front post dc. Also the hat was working a bit small so I did have to add another increase. I just did the pattern described increase. It worked good and the hat fits great, but the post are not evenly spread. No worries, it’s just for me.

I used “I love this yarn” in mulberry. it took about half a skein, maybe 3.5 ozs. I also added a big blue button to help tie it in the scarf.

I love this hat and it is all mine! Hahahahahah [insert evil laugh] I call it the purple people eater.

Well all this hat making began because I was making a hat for KMASD for christmas. It began with an idea of a v stitch and pompom hat. So I made up a pattern and wrote it down and made a lovely hat. Now I did not like at all how the v stitch worked in the round and I am still trying to figure it out. But the first hat was very cute. It was just way to small for an adult. For god’s sake it fit goose’s head perfectly. [Please note that my child does have a very large head, but still too small for my head comfortably]. So the hat will belong to some lucky girl on day…

I used “I love this wool” in some color, don’t remember the name, but it is pink and green and quite lovely. This hat was made is all sc and the v stitch looks the best, well better than the second one that I made. Cute huh?

Well since it was too small I forged forward with the pattern making and the hat making, but I decided to stop making things for others for a moment and give myself a lovely birthday present.

Yes my birthday was last month and I am now 33 years old. That seems so freaking old, but I can’t help it.

Well I received some gift cards for craft stores for my birthday and I decided to buy some yarn to make myself a hat and scarf. I purchase some lovely “I love this yarn tweed” in black and began.

The hat seems a bit too big and it is all worked in dc. I did not like the way the v stitched worked this way, so that needs to be figured out on the next hat, but over all I am glad it is mine.

So I know hats take no time at all to make and a month is a long time, but other than that, that is all I have been up too. I did manage to clean out some of my craft supplies and I bought a shelf for my room. Give me a break too it was the holidays…

Oh yeah I did begin working on the Notso baby blanket and have been trucking right along with it.

… later and lets hope all of this stays here and does not disappear like the last time I tried to post this.


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