Police and Theives, part duex

So catching up on some blogging. I actually got the computer out today and plan on doing some serious blogging. I have had a great holiday season and have completed some wonderful projects and made some head way on some others.

First new year’s eve… a wonderful night. And our little party for goose was great. he made it to about 10:30 then he started with “I wanta go to bed”. It was actually wonderful, I was in bed by 11pm and really that is how I want to spend my new year’s.

I made him a fondue diner, which is actually just fried sliced hot dogs, melted velveeta cheese and cubed bread. You dip everything in the cheese. It is super delicious and it is something my mom always made us for special occasions.

I put up the table-cloth and lite candles. We ate dinner by candle light. We also had sparkling grape juice out of champagne glasses. Goose thought it was so fancy and was very happy that we had a little party just him, me and nana.

Then we went outside and lite sparklers. Goose loved them. he was not afraid like I thought he would be. I guess my little guy is just growing up.









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