Hotel california

So this week I went to California for the first time in my life. Yes I am currently 33 years old and have never been to the west coast. I would actually consider myself an east coast kinda girl anyway.

Well I had to travel out west for a meeting for work. Yes I am very lucky that I get to travel around our beautiful country for work. Now please note, I do have to work on my trips. I do get to play if I have time and I actually always get drunk in the hotel, why? because I can. I probably make a complete fool of myself.

Well I was in San Diego. It was beautiful and actually a little chilly. I did not bring a jacket or anything so I had to buy one when there. No worries. I gave it to mom because she loves gray and it was gray.

Well I stayed at the Sheraton hotel by the airport. Literally I could see the hotel when we stepped out of the airport. I was on the 9th floor and had a beautiful view of the bay. A coworker went with me and she had an amazing view of San Diego.

I managed to take my camera and take some pictures. I absolutely loved it, and I believe I need to take my goose sometime. Did you know that they have Legoland? I did not know it was there and I soooo want to go. I heart legos and having been buying alot for my little goose.

Okay photos…


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