The move

So life [and WORK] have been super busy and totally wearing me out.

I have not done much crafting and I don’t have the energy to actually do any. I need to get my valentines day cards done this weekend, especially since goose will be at his dad’s. Maybe some alone will motivate me….

I have been trying to organize my life and get it where I want it to be right now. I am not unhappy, just broke and I actually make good money. Plus I have revisited retiring at 55 and I really want too… But after crunching some numbers I need to save more then I make in a year… Total bummer…

I have kinda been at a loss. I have realized that I am just floating along and getting by and that’s not what I want. I want greatness and fun and no damn floating. I want to live comfortably and not break even by the time my next paycheck comes. I want something extra. But what is the extra? I guess that is what I am having such a hard time with.

I feel like I have settled and now that I have goose I can’t change. I need to be there for him and not all broke and flaky. I am totally broke and flaky. Damn! Damn it! SHIT!

I have no idea anymore. I need a fucking vacation like today…

Work has me completely crazy. I have come to the conclusion that I am truly OVERWORKED AND UNDERPAIDED. And really there is no stopping….

Shit [light bulb] I haven’t been crafting like I normally do and I think that has help me relax and release some of the tension and I haven’t been doing it. I know I have 30something projects to do and things I want to learn. I need some damn motivation! Tonight and this weekend- goal get back on the bandwagon.

… later and please ignore my random ramblings…


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