We got a ticket to ride

So I know no post in a bit… It seems I have been busy and tired plus I have been using my new camera for pics and that means I actually have to get on the computer to do up any post.

Okay a little of what has been going on…

I made some lovely and kinda normal valentines day cards. I bought myself a heart shaped hole punch and I love it. I think I am going to have to start collecting hole punches. It was so much easier the hand cutting all the little hearts. Also I bought one of the greatest stamps ever!!! It is by Martha Stewart who I am not a big fan of, but her collection of crafty items is fantastic. The stamp is basically letters and you can make it say whatever you want. A very good investment I think…

No pics of the cards I forgot. I think I have one extra I’ll try to find and update. But the cards were very simple punched heart randomly cut scrap book paper and stamped with “love LOVE love”. Again very simple.

I completed some birthday gifts and actually one was on my list of things to do this year… Quilted sunglasses case. This was for KAB and they turned out great, but one was a bit too small and the other was a bit short. I need to rethink the cutting lengths. I did all the sewing on the machine and it took about 10 minutes for each one. The fabric I choose is so beautiful. Very geometric and blue. I actually have a bunch left as I bought a 1/4 yard of each so I plan on making myself a case… Maybe I’ll do a tutorial this weekend… Hmm

Also I purchased a yard and 1/2 for this beautiful green blue fabric. It was what was left on the thingy. I think it’ll be another starboard skirt. I think I need some elastic…

I did take pictures but they are on my camera. I think I need to do some posting this weekend.

Next I made another Katy hat. This one for ICB. I choose some bright orange yarn and followed the pattern to the T. It is beautiful. I added 2 buttons on top if each other and love how it looks.

see below… Pics go me!



I feel as if other things have happened, but at this moment I am at a lose. I have began working on a knitted baby blanket for a coworker. And I purchased fabric to make her some swaddling blankets. And this time I bought enough fabric. Both the patterns are from my favorites site the purl bee.

The knitted blanket is a chevron pattern and seems to be working up quickly. This is a good thing because I still have not gotten anywhere on the notso baby blanket.

… later


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