Like macaroni, just cheesy

So Friday, after the last few weeks that I have had I need this weekend, but at last I have to work. a meeting in new Orleans. Yes that I’d correct right on bourbon St. Do they honestly think I am going to get a learning done?

So currently on the plane now. It was delayed about 10 minutes. A short flight, but I still hate traveling by plane. Also I got my departure time wrong and was way too early. So I completed the base of the hat I plan on making this weekend and now I am shoved against the window so no crocheting for me. But no worries I need to catch up on some blogging.

So the he’ll I have currently been in. Work. Data locks and stupid data management people changing things at the end of the day. The stuff did not get finalized today and it’s getting locked and it won’t. My doc is off today.

So I arrive in NO about 1045am and I plan on finding a really good hurricane and getting drunk and walking around. I don’t have anything to do until 7pm tonight and when ICB gets in I’ll go back to the hotel.

So I frogged the knitted chevron blanket and now I am crocheting it. I love it even though it is totally funky and random. I haven’t been working as I should in it. It needs to be done by mar 9th. But if not done she is not due to June so she can get it then.

That is all that I have rally done. No sewing no nothing. I have just been so tired after the rough time I have had at work.

Ok nap time

… later


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