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Go me… Friday post on an actual Friday.
This morning I turned on the car and sabotage by the beastie boys was playing and I said to myself today will be a good day.
Work was good I got a lot of paperwork done- oh shit I forgot to check on my patients… Crap. Oh well I’ll do on Monday.
Then I left work and so whatcha want by the beastie boys was on. I said to myself this is going to be a great day.
Got home to a child from hell and I chased the dog around the neighborhood for an hour.

I need a drink… Oh I have wine…



Okay, so I am late on the Friday post… Life is busy.

Updates, I got a new job. I start on the 2nd of April and am very happy. It is the same thing I do now, but psychiatric clinical research. So actually in my background. My degree is in psychology. Plus it is a lot more money. Go me!!

I need to go out and have a beer and celebrate, but I have not had the chance to do that yet.

Okay, I decided over the weekend that I AM A CROCHETER NOT A KNITTER. totally spoils my plans of become a true knitter. Boo hiss! This all came about because I have started the lovely knitted chevron blanket about 10 times and now I think I am done. I’ll just crochet it and who will it go too? Hmmm….

I did begin a lovely granny stitch shawl this weekend. It calls for sock yarn, which I am not a fan off. And it’ll need blocking, which I don’t usually do, but it will be beautiful.

And this is not in my notebook to be completed, but for most of the stuff in there I need to make patterns and that is a lot of work. This is not helping me get to my goal of completing the book. I’ll begin working on it soon. I am a true procrastinator.

Other things in life…
Spring is in full bloom here in the south. The pollen count was at 8000 yesterday and allergies are ridiculous. Thank god I don’t have allergies. Too bad mom and goose have them. I have them both on allergy medicine and they seem to be doing okay. I talk like I am in charge of mom- really I have just been bugging her to take her meds.

Goose started soccer on Saturday. The little kids are just so cute…


See my little soccer player. He likes it, but on Saturday he was running a fever and didn’t feel good, so he says he doesn’t want to play anymore. He will have to finish the season. I paid like $85 for this and I know he likes soccer.

Well that is life…

So one of the things on my list to make was a sunglasses case sewn. I completed that last month for a friends birthday. I actually made 2 and gave both to her.

So I had a dilemma. I need a sunglasses case. On Sat I began on.

It was super simple, just a granny sq folded in half and edged. It might be a bit too big, but as AEM states I were diva glasses, so it needed to be big.

I used scrap yarn in really bright colors and ended up with a rainbow granny sq. I edged it in gray. And then I added a fun button.

I was thinking about lining it so it would not have holes, but goose told me not too.

It is totally fantastic and I love it…




… later

I think spring has began down here in the south. My plum tree smells so good. And I have this feeling it not going to last too long.

Yesterday, I turned off the heat and opened all the windows. I love spring!

All the trees have been budding and the daffodils are up and in full bloom. They actually have been for weeks.

This is the tree this evening…


If only they had smelling internet!

We are suppose to have storms tonight. It will be a lovely early spring evening at home with some knitting.

Too bad it be hot by April. Oh well! At least we didn’t have any snow.

… later

So yesterday I completed the second part of the baby gift. I began it about a week ago. I just needed to make the eyes and sew it all together. It turned out so cute.

I wonder if it will fit right. I made a 6-12 month size. I figured baby is due in April, so this size will fit by winter.

I used my fav yarn- I love this yarn by Hobby Lobby. Not sure of the name of the color, but it is a multi-color blend of reds, purples, and green. Really pretty. I used bits and bobs for the eyes an nose and edging.

It was fast to work up and the pattern was free at ravelry. Just check out my completed projects. My user name is jennkane.

So cute…


… later

So I completed part of a baby gift I am currently working on. Swaddling blankets. Another great project from the purl bee.

I had attempted to make these months ago, but I did not purchase enough fabric, so I made some burp cloths instead. I probably should have done the same this time, but damnit I wanted to make those blankets.

They were super easy and turned out extremely cute.

I choose a beautiful brown fabric with birds and flowers in pink and green and some super soft hot pink flannel. I machine sewed the edging. I just can’t see myself quilting quite yet.

I sure hope she likes them. The baby is due in April so they will make great sleeping blankets for the summer. That is all I ever put in my goose, flannel swaddling blankets.



Now to finish the rest. I want to knit a blanket. I have ripped it out about 5 times now and have chosen about 5 different patterns. I think I might finally have one. Now to get it done by April…

So a few things.

1. I think I drink a lot, but in reality I don’t, I just write about drinking alot.
2. New Orleans is a very dirty city. I still feel dirty and have been home for 4 days now.
3. This is an account of my first day ever in New Orleans.
(Side note I finally figured out instagram- so maybe I will begin photographing from my lovely iPhone. So all the photos are from there)

So last Friday, I made the trip to New Orleans for a coordinator meeting for a study I am currently working on. I was super excited for I have never been. I land at about 1030am and arrived at the hotel about 1130. I was able to check in and I went up to my room.

For some reason I didn’t take a lot of photos there or any of the hotel for that fact.

I was at the Roosevelt hotel. It was very old and very glamours/ fancy. You know a lot of ornate details and chandeliers, fancy furniture that looks super uncomfortable, marble floors, a lot of gold and cream colors. It was quite beautiful.

My room was nice not too big but not too small. I thought the bathroom was small and the bathroom door did not stay open.

Well I put my crap down and left. It was early and I wanted lunch. I asked the concierge were should I go to get some good gumbo. He sent me to somewhere by Bourbon St. It was delicious…


Then I left and went back toward Canal St to do some shopping. There were a lot of tourist stores and such. I was okay until some crazy guy asked me my name. I kinda freaked a bit and then I headed back to the hotel. Only to stop at a drug store and buy to vodka.

I was almost back when I ran into a few other coordinators I know for Atlanta. They had just gotten in and were on the hunt for some food. I tagged along.

And we ended up back at Bourbon St. This is about 1230 now. And since I had already eaten, I drank. Hurricanes and they were delicious.

Now the adventures on Bourbon St began…

We went to some restaurant. And they had hurricanes in a special cup on a chain/ necklace. As you see below, this is my 2nd one…


They ate and I drank and we enjoyed the view from the balcony. Some pics of Bourbon St….



You can see some leftovers from Mardi Gras… I would not want to be here for that.

When they were finally done, we walked up the street. Did some shopping. I acquired a few gifts for people and things for me- like a fabulous white feather boa and a star necklace.

One of my first drunken comments was I can’t believe there is a pay phone! And yes there was a pay phone on Bourbon St.


I was texting KAB the while sending her random pics. I saw a beer truck and sent it to her telling her I needed a refill…


I was somewhere and I saw a thing called a jolly pecker. It was the head of penis on feet that jump- you know like a kids wind up toy. I really should have purchased one for KAB. I didn’t, but I sent her a pic!


That’s all for the pics. I kinda was too drunk to remember after that. We continue to walk up some other street. It was much cleaner then Bourbon, but not sure the name. I learned that the catholic church will rebuild a burnt down church, but it is no longer considered a church. This is thanks to some weird dude sitting in front of a church.

I had my cards read. There will a disaster in my future that will feel like the world is going to end, but I will get over and do what I love and be successful. And someone is watching over me. I cried at the last part and then I left. I don’t like crying when i’ i’m drunk. I personnally think it sucks. Sometimes I think psychics are full of shit and sometimes I wonder how much is true. This lady seemed a bit off and crazy, but it could have been drunk brain working.

After that we keep walking. We see a lot more stores and some where antiques and such. Here is I am no so sure pic of an antique store…


It was quite possibly the chandelier that I was photographing? Not really sure at this point.

I then returned to the hotel. I really really had to pee. I was only 2 or 3 blocks away, but I got there all by myself.

As I walk in the hotel, my monitor is walking to the elevator. Oh so bad! I am here for work. I am drunk. I have a hurricane around my neck and a feather boa. So so so so bad. Oh, she knows me and I know how to cut loose.

I get to my room pee and then I find ICB. She is here with her mom. Well in to their room. Then I go to the dinner they have planned for us.

Well I confess that I am drunk to all the people there. And it seems that everyone is eager to be like me, so we all head for the casino.

Me and Wendy play some slots and get accosted by a creepy maybe mass murder. Well it’s about midnight by then and I am coming down and ready to get into my bed. And that’s it for the night. I was sobering up by the time we left the casino, so not so hung over at my meeting the next day. There were a few people that looked rough.

You know what do you expect you sent me to New Orleans.