B-boys in the cut

Okay, so I am late on the Friday post… Life is busy.

Updates, I got a new job. I start on the 2nd of April and am very happy. It is the same thing I do now, but psychiatric clinical research. So actually in my background. My degree is in psychology. Plus it is a lot more money. Go me!!

I need to go out and have a beer and celebrate, but I have not had the chance to do that yet.

Okay, I decided over the weekend that I AM A CROCHETER NOT A KNITTER. totally spoils my plans of become a true knitter. Boo hiss! This all came about because I have started the lovely knitted chevron blanket about 10 times and now I think I am done. I’ll just crochet it and who will it go too? Hmmm….

I did begin a lovely granny stitch shawl this weekend. It calls for sock yarn, which I am not a fan off. And it’ll need blocking, which I don’t usually do, but it will be beautiful.

And this is not in my notebook to be completed, but for most of the stuff in there I need to make patterns and that is a lot of work. This is not helping me get to my goal of completing the book. I’ll begin working on it soon. I am a true procrastinator.

Other things in life…
Spring is in full bloom here in the south. The pollen count was at 8000 yesterday and allergies are ridiculous. Thank god I don’t have allergies. Too bad mom and goose have them. I have them both on allergy medicine and they seem to be doing okay. I talk like I am in charge of mom- really I have just been bugging her to take her meds.

Goose started soccer on Saturday. The little kids are just so cute…


See my little soccer player. He likes it, but on Saturday he was running a fever and didn’t feel good, so he says he doesn’t want to play anymore. He will have to finish the season. I paid like $85 for this and I know he likes soccer.

Well that is life…


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