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I made up some cinco de mayo cards today for a few friends. I can’t seem to not bring myself to use the cricut and I really do heart it. I think I am just trying to come up with excuses to use it. I mean who sends out cinco de mayo cards? Anywho… Here they are…


I do love the cricut cutter!


So about a month ago I began a half granny shawl from ravelry. I love the concept of the shawl, but I not real sure about the yarn I choose.

It is made from sock yarn, which I don’t really like to work with. And the colors are a little off. But I was moving along nicely with it to I ran out of yarn…

I have purchased some more yarn this weekend and hopefully I’ll get it finished soon. I think it’ll need blocking, so I have to figure that out.

This is what I have so far…



It looks funky in the pics…


So today I repotted two of my house plants. My winter cactus which is doing quite well and some other plant I have that just got too big for the pot.



I also worked on my potted garden. It is looking so good these days…


I do love plants…

So I have not posted in about 2 weeks. Really not much going on.

My new job is great, but busy. I get home from work later so I don’t get to craft as much.
I am not allowed to buy yarn, so I have to only make things I have yarn for. Totally puts a damper on things, but I got a little crazy there for a while.
Just to make me feel better I reviewed my stash and I only have my under bed stash and my cotton stash currently- I repeat there is not yarn all over my room. I kind of feel really sad about that. I think the dog has ate about 5 skeins of yarn that I had, so maybe that is why the stash is so low.

And I am at a loss what to do with stash. I have been thinking about that tonight and have some ideas…
1. Crochet stash basket- I could always use
2. Crocheted hats to sell in my etsy store- yes it still there and I have done nothing.
3. And that was all I got.

A work in progress…

Maybe I should start on some Christmas present. At the rate I am going this year, it’ll take me to December to get them done. Now what to make?

Projects currently ongoing…
I have almost completed the granny shawl and I am not sure about it. I ran out of yarn even though I used what it said- 520grams. That is not enough. So I need to go to hobby lobby and get about 2 more skeins. I know I just said I can’t buy anymore yarn, but I need it to finish the damn shawl or it will sit in my pile forever…

I started to knit a dishcloth. Not going so well. I need to frog it and start over. Apparently my mom did not have her glasses on and bought a booklet of knitted dishcloths. She does not knit, so I have confiscated it. I think it’ll help me work in my knitting skills.

A friend is having a baby, so I have began a ripple striped baby blanket for her. Thank god it is a girl and I did not have to buy yarn. I am crocheting it… I will not have the frustration that came with trying to knit a ripple blanket.

And that is all beside the notso baby blanket for the goose which has made no progress in about 6 months. It has really been to hot to work on that big thick blanket, but I need to get it done. It is taking up a lot of room.

Life has been good. I haven’t really done anything in months and I kinda like it. I spend my evenings cleaning and hanging out with goose. I spend my weekends hanging out with goose.

He is playing soccer right now, so that occupies most of the day on saturday. He is pretty good this time. He has even scored goals- 3 in total. I am so proud of him and maybe he will be a soccer player after all.

And the rest of the time I just chill. I am thinking about having a crafty weekend this weekend and some blog time… I was at Disney world last week and I need to get some projects up even if they are not done.

Right now sleep… later

So life lately has been pretty boring around here. I began my new job about a week and half ago and life it. My boss is awesome and all the people I work with I really really like. I have just been getting into fixing all the charts and setting up some processes for it so it moves on.

I have been trying a daily cleaning schedule and I love it but I clean for an hour every night and with the new job I get home later, so by the time I’m done cleaning it is bathtub and then I try to spend time with goose.

I have also been reading the hunger games series, which I love. Really well written books. I have o e more to go and then I think I’ll crochet to my hands fall off.

With all that said, I haven’t been working on alot of projects. I began a granny stitch shawl about a month ago and am halfway done. And that’s all I got.

I have been playing with my new cricut cutter and I love it.

I also now know the gender of a friends baby so I am eager to get started on her present. A little girl. So happy I already have the yarn. I am thinking a crochet ripple blanket, but then should I try to knit one again. Do I dare?

We shall see.

Life goes on… Later

I began and finished my lovely Easter cards this weekend. I used my fantastic new cricut cutter and they are so fantabulous!!!

I made 4 different kinds.

The first is the hip chick card. Bright red and polka dotted.


I like them, but as I worked I got better and way more creative…

The second set was chillin with my peeps. At first they were kinda blah, but then I worked some more and this is what I can up with…

I sure hope the pictures are straight… Anyway I like how they turned out. As you can see I use a lot of crazy patterned paper that really doesn’t go together. I so love it.

Next I made the hip hop cards. And I think these are my absolute favorite…


Aren’t they great? Do you see the boom box with the rabbit? Yeah I like hip hop and thought it fit! Happy Easter!!

And last I needed just two more so I made the chirp cards… Soft pastels and big birds…


So simple, but so powerful. I love the mix of patterns and colors…

Happy Easter!