I began and finished my lovely Easter cards this weekend. I used my fantastic new cricut cutter and they are so fantabulous!!!

I made 4 different kinds.

The first is the hip chick card. Bright red and polka dotted.


I like them, but as I worked I got better and way more creative…

The second set was chillin with my peeps. At first they were kinda blah, but then I worked some more and this is what I can up with…

I sure hope the pictures are straight… Anyway I like how they turned out. As you can see I use a lot of crazy patterned paper that really doesn’t go together. I so love it.

Next I made the hip hop cards. And I think these are my absolute favorite…


Aren’t they great? Do you see the boom box with the rabbit? Yeah I like hip hop and thought it fit! Happy Easter!!

And last I needed just two more so I made the chirp cards… Soft pastels and big birds…


So simple, but so powerful. I love the mix of patterns and colors…

Happy Easter!


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