Diary of a san fernando sexx star

So life lately has been pretty boring around here. I began my new job about a week and half ago and life it. My boss is awesome and all the people I work with I really really like. I have just been getting into fixing all the charts and setting up some processes for it so it moves on.

I have been trying a daily cleaning schedule and I love it but I clean for an hour every night and with the new job I get home later, so by the time I’m done cleaning it is bathtub and then I try to spend time with goose.

I have also been reading the hunger games series, which I love. Really well written books. I have o e more to go and then I think I’ll crochet to my hands fall off.

With all that said, I haven’t been working on alot of projects. I began a granny stitch shawl about a month ago and am halfway done. And that’s all I got.

I have been playing with my new cricut cutter and I love it.

I also now know the gender of a friends baby so I am eager to get started on her present. A little girl. So happy I already have the yarn. I am thinking a crochet ripple blanket, but then should I try to knit one again. Do I dare?

We shall see.

Life goes on… Later


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