I want you, I want you so bad

So I have not posted in about 2 weeks. Really not much going on.

My new job is great, but busy. I get home from work later so I don’t get to craft as much.
I am not allowed to buy yarn, so I have to only make things I have yarn for. Totally puts a damper on things, but I got a little crazy there for a while.
Just to make me feel better I reviewed my stash and I only have my under bed stash and my cotton stash currently- I repeat there is not yarn all over my room. I kind of feel really sad about that. I think the dog has ate about 5 skeins of yarn that I had, so maybe that is why the stash is so low.

And I am at a loss what to do with stash. I have been thinking about that tonight and have some ideas…
1. Crochet stash basket- I could always use
2. Crocheted hats to sell in my etsy store- yes it still there and I have done nothing.
3. And that was all I got.

A work in progress…

Maybe I should start on some Christmas present. At the rate I am going this year, it’ll take me to December to get them done. Now what to make?

Projects currently ongoing…
I have almost completed the granny shawl and I am not sure about it. I ran out of yarn even though I used what it said- 520grams. That is not enough. So I need to go to hobby lobby and get about 2 more skeins. I know I just said I can’t buy anymore yarn, but I need it to finish the damn shawl or it will sit in my pile forever…

I started to knit a dishcloth. Not going so well. I need to frog it and start over. Apparently my mom did not have her glasses on and bought a booklet of knitted dishcloths. She does not knit, so I have confiscated it. I think it’ll help me work in my knitting skills.

A friend is having a baby, so I have began a ripple striped baby blanket for her. Thank god it is a girl and I did not have to buy yarn. I am crocheting it… I will not have the frustration that came with trying to knit a ripple blanket.

And that is all beside the notso baby blanket for the goose which has made no progress in about 6 months. It has really been to hot to work on that big thick blanket, but I need to get it done. It is taking up a lot of room.

Life has been good. I haven’t really done anything in months and I kinda like it. I spend my evenings cleaning and hanging out with goose. I spend my weekends hanging out with goose.

He is playing soccer right now, so that occupies most of the day on saturday. He is pretty good this time. He has even scored goals- 3 in total. I am so proud of him and maybe he will be a soccer player after all.

And the rest of the time I just chill. I am thinking about having a crafty weekend this weekend and some blog time… I was at Disney world last week and I need to get some projects up even if they are not done.

Right now sleep… later


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