Monthly Archives: May 2012

Day 7… Love


My goose… Who I love more then anything…

Day 8… No socks


And dirty feet…


Day 3 hometown…


This was taken from the plane in the way home. The lights are probably close to the town in live in outside of Atlanta, GA.

Day 4… Lines


The runway in Philly.

Day 5… Something I can’t live without


My little goose…

Today my heart broke. Even worse then the day I found out Heath leger died. Today MCA of the fantastic beastie boys passed away.

I will never see my favorite band perform again. And my child will never see them live.

Be at peace…

So today was your favorite color… My is purple and it was all around me today. Our receptionist was wearing purple from head to toe and I loved it. I just seemed to notice it more. And I am about to paint my nails purple… so happy.

Today’s picture is my coffee cup at work. It is a great geometric pattern in a deep plum purple. I don’t think the picture does it justice…


I bought the cup because I have a skirt that is this geometric pattern just in black and white. And I love it.

… later

So in my dreams I am a photographer. In reality I never ever take pics because I am just to busy living life. I have a lot of memories not a lot of pictures.

When goose was little and didn’t move I had lots of pictures but now that he is 4 going on thirty it is hard to get him to stand still.

So I was on pinterest playing, Le I am
a lot and I discover a few 40 day photo challenges. One for you camera and to get used to it. And one for instagram. Since I always have my phone and I heart instagram so much I have begun. Now if I could only remember to take the pictures.

Today is day one… Self portrait.
Here is goes…

Me driving home with the windows wide open…

… later