Unique is my dove

I know I haven’t been here in a while. It seems life has just gotten away from me…

I began my new job back in April. I love it. I am going to be running the place before long. My boss wants to prompt me to senior crc but since I have only been there a short while I have to wait. No problem since that is what I want and I can wait for it. She does want me to be manager like. What does that mean? I do not know.

Over the last few weeks our doctor has been absolutely crazy… And by that I mean WTF CRAZY! hopefully he calms down soon, I really can’t take much more of the second guessing and overall bad attitude.

Work is extremely busy as well. There is alway something to do always. And it not hard, just flat out busy.

I also have been trying to clean more at home. Which I think I gave up on about 2 weeks ago. That has really affected my crocheting and crafting activities.

I have complete the birthday presents for my best friends. It totally sucks that their birthdays are like a week apart. And it doesn’t help that I always forget until the last minute. They turned out really cute. I crocheted to bags, one for each of them. MMM says I should really sale my creations, but I still hate etsy, so what to do….

I have worked on the notso baby blanket a bit and only have 3 more colors to do. It just takes so long to do a row. I don’t like big projects, but I think I am tired out of the little ones so big projects it must be from now on.

I have been knitting a scarf, yea I said knitting. It has pockets and looks like a sock monkey. When I am done I am going to knit a sweater. I guess it is about time I become a knitter as well.

Life has been good.

My car is a piece. It keeps breaking and within 1 week I spent about $1000 to get it fixed. At least I have AC. It seems to be okay now I think I have about 6 months before something else goes wrong. I should really write GM a letter. I love the car so much… It just hates me.


Nana needs to retire. I think her work is literally killing her. It breaks my heart. I want her around forever, but her health is not that great right now. Her muscles have been hurting. She has been on statins forever and I think they may have caused some issue. Her doctor sucks. She went one day because of the muscle pain and they didn’t ever check CPK levels or any blood work. Really something could be really wrong. She stopped the meds, but really hasn’t been the same since.

My goose turn 5 at the beginning of the summer. And at the age of five he decided he wants to be a super hero all the time. He only has a batman costume so that is what he wears. I have bought some fabric to make him a spiderman costume and a super Moussa costume. He is just too much!


My goose also decided that he wants to move to NYC. And since that is a dream of mine, I think we will. Now I just need to find a job. I would like to be there next summer. I think OHM is going to move back, so we need to be by dad.

OHM went to court finally and the deportation status has been lifted. He can apply for work papers and in 2 years citizenship. It is really good for the goose.

We had a summer of traveling. I need to get the pics off my camera and up. Maybe tonight I’ll work on that.

And that has been life lately…


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