Sex type thing

so a life long dream of mine has been to have a craft room. and since mom didn’t want to move, I am converting the computer room into a craft/ computer/ guest room. it is a total process and taking a minute… my mother is a pack rat and there was all kinda if shit it the room and kinda still is.

anyway, mom cleaned out the closet and I put up shelves in it and put the yarn up. I think we have too much yarn. now please note that this is mom’s and my yarn, so it’s kinda a lot…


more yarn…


and more yarn…


also note that there are a few bins on the floor with yarn balls (bits and bobs of yarn), baby yarn, and all my cotton yarn. and i think there is one shelf that was not in the picture. I think we have too much. I guess I never knew how much we had due to all the crap in that room and the yarn being all over the place.

now that closet is pretty big and I had intended my fabric to go in it, as well as more craft supplies. now that the yarn is up, I need to rethink the design of the room.

next up painting… after the shelves in there are cleaned out…

… later


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