so back in July I began a knit scarf for a friend. well I actually finished it today. only 6 months later…

I tell you that job was killing me. I have only been back at my old company a few weeks and I can actually knit, crochet and create… so happy…

ok the scarf. the pattern was from patons classic wool monkey around booklet and is called monkey face scarf. it is a knit striped scarf with pockets and the pockets are sock monkey faces.

now a few years ago EMM asked for a scarf with pockets and I was trying to figure out how to do that and one day I found the booklet and that was it. EMM loves sock monkeys and wanted a scarf with pockets… PERFECT!

I used size 7 needles and Vanna’s choice yarn in purple heather, grey heather, magenta, cream, and a bit of black for the eyes and such.

it has taken quite a time to complete, but it was needed since EMM just had a birthday and needed a gift.

and ta da…..


so on a side note… I purchased a smash journal this week and will using it for my projects. I always make notes and take pics and I just wanted something to put it all in. I am not a scrape booker so I thought this might work. if I enjoy it I can do for other things.

well I made my first page minus the pics cause they are still on my phone…


I think I love it…

… hopefully later with more crafty goodness


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