Monthly Archives: February 2013

so I have always wanted to learn how to embroider, but just haven’t gotten around to it. well this week I began a small project. I discover this website that sold embroidery kits/ patterns. it is located here. I kinda got lost on the site for a bit.

well I downloaded some pics and transferred one onto some cloth. probably totally illegal so I will note that I did not design this at all. and then I began my entry into embroidery. it is super easy.

well here is the finished framed product…


it looks great. I do think I need to reframe it, but I still love it.

… later


I finally did it! I completed the notso baby blanket I began for my goose 2 years ago!

it is a wonderful crochet ripple blanket inspired by a couple amazing knit blankets from the purl bee found here and here. at the time I began I did not knit. I do now so maybe the next big project will be a knitted blanket.

okay the yarn: I love this yarn from hobby lobby in orange, burnt orange, yellow, cream, grey beard, limelight, and forest green. I worked up to the forest green then back to the orange. the pattern was just a stitch from my stitch encyclopedia a basic ripple stitch.

and finally … tada….



it looks so good on his bed. it is truly perfect!

what to do now….


so happy Valentina’s day! I am so prepared this week it is awesome!

tonight I completed the goose’s cards for his class and I made cards for my totally awesome friends.

for the goose’s cards I went to this great site and kinda followed what she did with the idea. there is also a free printable.

I use blow pops because what kid doesn’t like a blow pop.

they turned out really cute!


next I finished my valentine day cards. they turned out great. I was a bit skeptical at first but I love how they look. a modge podge of paper…


totally my style!

… later