So much for the after glow

So a lovely lady that I work with is leaving for a new job working from home. About a month ago I found this website with totally funky and punky embroidery patterns located here. It is really cool, the style is a little bit old school tattoo and punk rock. I heart it.

So this is the site I got my home sweet home embroidery pattern from… Did I post it? Hmmm…

Anyway. This site has a cute pattern that says cubicle sweet cubicle which I thought would be great for the girls at work, but at last we are no longer in cubes. So this was the inspiration for this particle project.

I hand embroidered a lovely little thing that says sweet home office. I pulled in some elements for the home sweet home project and some from the cubicle sweet cubicle pattern and then added some of my own touches. I do have to say I love it, no really LOVE IT!!!



Now the back…


My lighting was not that good last night. I need to get a light box for photographs…

Moving on. I made it into a little wall hanger thingy. I did this by cutting a piece of cardboard to fit in the hoop, hot gluing the actually embroider piece around the cardboard and then hot gluing a piece of fabric to the back. The back fabric bunched so I added the ric rac to cover it. Then I added some ribbon to hang it.

So lovely. I think I want to embroider for a while. Just maybe….

… Later


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