Kick out the Jams

So as always I want to change my life- no real big changes, I think I just want to do more to make me happy. Why has this all come about again? Well I spent the weekend at the beach and that always makes me want to be happier because the beach makes me happy…

Tybee Island 2013

Things to do to make me happier…
1. Start selling crochet and knit projects. Start creating patterns to sell… BEGIN TO EXPAND MY TALENT… big task, but I am in no rush and the extra income would be nice. Now if I could just not deal with Etsy- they kinda get on my nerves. So plan- work on the few patterns that I have created and make things to sell.
2. Read and educate myself more. There are all kinds of list of books you should read in your 20s, 30s, before this and that. I need to read more of the classics. I know I can’t stand old english or Victorian or Shakespeare, but I think I do need to stop reading crap and start increasing my brain knowledge- so plan 30 minutes of reading prior to bed every day.
3. LIVE AT THE BEACH… no this one is the one to really work on, bu

And that is all folks…



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