See what’s happening…

So happy new year! I totally know that it has been about 6 months since I have blogged, but it seems life gets busy the older you get and the older my boy gets the more we seem to do.

Since I am here I have decided to make a few resolutions public and hopefully follow throughout this year.

1. Be more creative. Sew more, crochet more, make more. I want to do at least 26 projects this year. I want to sew cloths. I think I need to expand my sewing skills and I plan to work on some stuff this year. I bought myself a serger for Christmas and I need to now learn how to work it.

2. Blog more. I have always posted about all my completed or in progress projects and have totally been slacking about that. So times I even vent about sh*t bothering me. But at last, I have not been doing these things. It is time to get on with it and begin again.

3. Chaotically organize my life. I heart organization, but I want it in a messy way. I am also going to be buying my first house this year in the city and I know I am not going to have as much room as I do know at my mothers. So I begun purging things… I started with my clothes this fall and yesterday I did my jewelry. I have organized things on the way- and this folks is going to be da da da… PROJECT 2014. Purge and organize. I want to make my life simple.

So I began PROJECT 2014 yesterday. I cleaned out my hutch in my room to organize my bills and family papers. I am still working on it, because I got rid of most of the stuff on the selves. I need some decorating items now.

Here is the before picture…DSC_0988

So as you can see, so much crap. I have books that have been read. All my sheets and extra blankets are in here. My hat box with mu gloves, hats and such. Please this is where I keep all my papers. It took me forever to finish and I still think there needs to be work done, but TA DA….DSC_0991

I know these photos turned out a bit fuzzy, not sure what is going on and the lighting in my room sucks, maybe that is it.

Now, I don’t think I can do any more until I move into my house, but I am always looking and planning.

Have a great New Year!

… later


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