A new multi media project.

A few months ago, e.g. probably last summer, I began a really cool embroidery project of this old school tattoo like thing that says CRAFTY. See..


Well over this Christmas, I finally finished it. Really I finished it because I wanted the basket it was sitting in and had now where else to put it. it is strange the things that motive one to complete projects.

Originally I was going to frame it and hang it up in the craft room, but I for some odd reason decided to make it into a pillow.  I spent a week crocheting blocks for the back, but when I sewed it together the blocks were too big, so I just became a pillow with no fancy back. Well I couldn’t live with that (I wanted fancy and was a little upset that this plan I had in my head didn’t work), so I crocheted an edge on the d*mn thing.

Ta Da..


For the edge, I was real simple. First, I blanket stitched around so I could add the edge. Then I did a round of just single crochet. Then I did the next round double crochet, chain one, skip one, repeat around. I was going to add more, but I was kind of tired of the whole thing. It is hard to crochet on the edge of a stuffed pillow. Any way, I think it looks good, just how it is. Here is close up of the edging…


The fabric used was just some extra scrap that I had. I seem to by fat quarters all the time- they usually end up handy.

Goose and I did some embroidery together as well and he wanted a pillow too, so I am going to do the same kind of thing to it. I will post when I am done- hopefully this week.

I am truly glad I decided to teach myself how to embroider. it is really fun and fast and the finished product looks so great.

… later


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