You’re just a working girl, north of England way

So, This week has been. And I truly say been. Here in the southern US of A we were a whopping 6F. It was the coldest I remember. And the wind… crazy cold. That was on Tuesday… today sunny and 60s. Clear skies. I really dislike this crazy *ss weather.

I haven’t worked on anything all week. I have just been, as I stated earlier. It was kind of rough getting back into the swing of things for goose and me. He went back to school this week and back to everything else that he does- guitar, karate, and cub scouts. So he has just been tired. He went to his dad’s this weekend, so I expect another sleepy week. At least I had a quiet weekend.

I have been playing Luigi’s Mansion on goose’s DS like it is crack. I can’t get past this one level right now and am very frustrated. So maybe I can actually work on something.

I still haven’t finished Goose’s pillow. And I need to begin the diaper covers for HW little twins- she is due in March I think. And I want to work on ICB’s blanket. And I want to make some mittens. Hopefully this week I can get some stuff done.

Work has been work. I have been trying to find some patients for my current studies- so it is a lot of phone calls and reviewing charts- totally boring. I did have a few patient visits this week and actually have some scheduled for next week as well. Patient visits make the days go by so much faster.

I think I am kind of taking over his cub scout den. His current leader AR is not that organized or he doesn’t know what to do or something. He doesn’t even have a plan for the rest of the year. I have made one until April. I will work on May and June this week. It really only took a little thought and some time to write-up.

I have planned this great project for this week and I guess this is what I have been doing since Friday. so it began as such….

On Friday, we went to the dollar tree to get some things for the boys- little prizes, etc. I found these angry bird erasers and thought- hmm… I can totally make these into a game. So I started to think and decided we needed to make catapults. So that is what we are going to do. I spent most of today putting little kits together for them. I found the instructions here. And as I was looking on the web, I found this great game Gnome Catapult here. So this is what I have doing this lovely beautiful Sunday. And that is the game we will play this week. I sure hope the kids like it.

I will try to take some pictures and post next weekend and I will try to actually create something as well.

… later


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