Dig a pony

This week has been busy and productive. I actually looked at some homes in Edgewood (a neighborhood of Atlanta) and found one I might like, it is just small and on the wrong side of Moreland. But I think that is what I can afford, so It may be it.

I am going to look at the West End this week with the girls from work. We are going to drive there and eat lunch. I like the homes I see online and I think it might be close enough for me and a little more affordable, but we shall see.

I have officially became the assistant den leader to my son’s cub scout pack. And I did my first meeting last Thursday. I really think it went well, I think the boys had a lot of fun and I totally forgot to take pictures- I was too busy making sure everyone was okay and having fun.

So I talked about the gnome catapult game last week, well this is my version of it…

My version...

My version…


The gnome catapult game 2


I kind of like the game, but I think it was hard to get the gnomes in the egg crate, but the boys didn’t seem to care it was just fun catapulting things around.

This week we have the pinewood derby. I cut out Goose’s car today- he need to paint and prep it for the race this week.

I have begun some mittens this week. I have one done and am working on the next one. You can see the info on them on my ravelry page {here}. I am making the men’s size and they fit me pretty good. I have such honking hands- thanks to my dad.

Mitten number 1

I also purchased a pair of khaki men’s pants at the thrift store yesterday. I altered them today to make some boyfriend type pants. They turned out really good and I think I like them. I was at Lane Bryant yesterday and tried on a pair and loved them, but they were $65 and that is just too damn much for a pair of weekend pants. I got mine for $5 and 30 minutes of my time. And I think I like them better. I am now on the look out for some blue jeans to do this too.

How did I alter them? Well the a bit big in the waist, but I left that alone, because it makes them more comfortable, I will just wear a belt. I trimmed about 1 inch of the sides and the in seam and the crotch. They are still a bit bagging in my hips, but that is kind of the look I am going for. Also they were pleated in the front so they poof. I didn’t fix that because I really don’t care and I think it goes with the look I am going for.

Refashioned khakis [1]Refashioned Khakis [2]Refashioned Khakis [3]

I think I am going to have to learn how to alter more clothes. It is much cheaper. And pretty damn awesome.



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