I have been a bit busy this week it seems.  I completed 3 different things, now please note that none of these projects took that long.

1st I made some super simple birthday cards for my cousin and a friend. I got the idea from something I saw on pinterest- I really do spend too much time on that site. Here are the cards- just a simple happy birthday with some washi tape candles. DSCF0774

I love sending a handmade card. I really think that can just make someone’s birthday.

Next I finally completed the edging to the embroider pillow that me and goose made. I really like it, but the edging seems to turn. No worries- it is just for the goose.

The goose pillow

close up of edging

close up of edging

DSC_1342  DSC_1346

Super Cute I think! It was a total me design from the embroidery to the edging. I just drew out the skull and goose’s name and then I made up the rest of the embroidery. as I went For the edging, I blanket stitched around the edge of the pillow and then made 1 layer of SC then a layer of dc and then a picot around. I have always liked the beauty and simplicity of the picot edge. It is really by default one.

Next I completed the first thing for my friend upcoming birthday. Headband number 1. I like how it turned out, but I may sew up the end the complete it. Right now it is buttoned, but I don’t think that works too well. It doesn’t seem to lay right. I found the pattern on ravelry, but the link is here. It was super easy if you know how to do cables. If not you may want to practice first. now I am not the best knitter and I did have to take out a few rows and this finished one was my second attempt, but I am very please. Also I made it this AM, it only took about 2 hours start to finish. Yes I was up at 730 this AM and will probably want a nap this afternoon.


Now can my productiveness continue into next week? We shall see.

… later



so happy Valentina’s day! I am so prepared this week it is awesome!

tonight I completed the goose’s cards for his class and I made cards for my totally awesome friends.

for the goose’s cards I went to this great site and kinda followed what she did with the idea. there is also a free printable.

I use blow pops because what kid doesn’t like a blow pop.

they turned out really cute!


next I finished my valentine day cards. they turned out great. I was a bit skeptical at first but I love how they look. a modge podge of paper…


totally my style!

… later

I made up some cinco de mayo cards today for a few friends. I can’t seem to not bring myself to use the cricut and I really do heart it. I think I am just trying to come up with excuses to use it. I mean who sends out cinco de mayo cards? Anywho… Here they are…


I do love the cricut cutter!

I began and finished my lovely Easter cards this weekend. I used my fantastic new cricut cutter and they are so fantabulous!!!

I made 4 different kinds.

The first is the hip chick card. Bright red and polka dotted.


I like them, but as I worked I got better and way more creative…

The second set was chillin with my peeps. At first they were kinda blah, but then I worked some more and this is what I can up with…

I sure hope the pictures are straight… Anyway I like how they turned out. As you can see I use a lot of crazy patterned paper that really doesn’t go together. I so love it.

Next I made the hip hop cards. And I think these are my absolute favorite…


Aren’t they great? Do you see the boom box with the rabbit? Yeah I like hip hop and thought it fit! Happy Easter!!

And last I needed just two more so I made the chirp cards… Soft pastels and big birds…


So simple, but so powerful. I love the mix of patterns and colors…

Happy Easter!

So I know no post in a bit… It seems I have been busy and tired plus I have been using my new camera for pics and that means I actually have to get on the computer to do up any post.

Okay a little of what has been going on…

I made some lovely and kinda normal valentines day cards. I bought myself a heart shaped hole punch and I love it. I think I am going to have to start collecting hole punches. It was so much easier the hand cutting all the little hearts. Also I bought one of the greatest stamps ever!!! It is by Martha Stewart who I am not a big fan of, but her collection of crafty items is fantastic. The stamp is basically letters and you can make it say whatever you want. A very good investment I think…

No pics of the cards I forgot. I think I have one extra I’ll try to find and update. But the cards were very simple punched heart randomly cut scrap book paper and stamped with “love LOVE love”. Again very simple.

I completed some birthday gifts and actually one was on my list of things to do this year… Quilted sunglasses case. This was for KAB and they turned out great, but one was a bit too small and the other was a bit short. I need to rethink the cutting lengths. I did all the sewing on the machine and it took about 10 minutes for each one. The fabric I choose is so beautiful. Very geometric and blue. I actually have a bunch left as I bought a 1/4 yard of each so I plan on making myself a case… Maybe I’ll do a tutorial this weekend… Hmm

Also I purchased a yard and 1/2 for this beautiful green blue fabric. It was what was left on the thingy. I think it’ll be another starboard skirt. I think I need some elastic…

I did take pictures but they are on my camera. I think I need to do some posting this weekend.

Next I made another Katy hat. This one for ICB. I choose some bright orange yarn and followed the pattern to the T. It is beautiful. I added 2 buttons on top if each other and love how it looks.

see below… Pics go me!



I feel as if other things have happened, but at this moment I am at a lose. I have began working on a knitted baby blanket for a coworker. And I purchased fabric to make her some swaddling blankets. And this time I bought enough fabric. Both the patterns are from my favorites site the purl bee.

The knitted blanket is a chevron pattern and seems to be working up quickly. This is a good thing because I still have not gotten anywhere on the notso baby blanket.

… later

I have officially completed my Christmas cards. Now if I just had a decent pic of the goose and Stella Bean. I actually don’t think I shall ever make Christmas cards again. It was a total pain in the ass, but at last I must always make shit.
So I did a simple design. Baubles. I have been on a baubles kick ever since I made the ones for goose’s teachers. I just loved how they turned out and I think bauble is actually a British thing, not sure, I always thought they were just balls. Haha!
So I made them general. I send a few cards to some of OHM family and they are not Christian. That lead me to the baubles.
I actually bought cards and envelopes. I know, but I was not looking forward to making 30+ envelopes, that is alot of shit to do. I cut the cards is half as they were the folded kind and I like flat cards. I probably could have made them postcards, hmmm… maybe next year.
Then I cut out circles in all different colors of scrap book paper, well actually just pink, purple, green, and blue. There was some yellow and orange and black as well but mostly the former colors. I has more ribbon that matched those colors.
Then I cut ribbon for their hanging things.
I outlined each bauble with glitter and modge podged the cards. Fini and so cute!
Christmas cards 2011…




I kinda a feel good being done with all my Christmas stuff by the first weekend of December. Now time to celebrate my birthday and then get the house ready for the holidays!

… later

So several weeks ago I finished my thanksgiving day cards and envelopes, but for some reason I have not posted them. I am a true slacker. Especially today, I have been at work since 730am and have not done one bit of work yet. Anyhoo…

Cards. Goose helped. I used his hand the make turkeys. Then with my finger I added colors for feathers. I then cut out some beaks, the red hangy things that turkeys have were hole punched red circles, the I cut out some wings with scrapbook paper. I also cut out some corners and lines to decorate the cards.

I choose thanksgiving colors- which equal brown, orange, etc.

After everything was glued and dried. I stamped on the words with some stamps I have. Then I mod poge over the whole card and let it dry. Fini.

Sorry the pic is bad, but the only camera I currently have is my iPhone…


Being me, I then proceeded to make envelopes to mail the cards. To see how I make my envelopes go to here. I made about 6 envelopes and they worked super great. Because I figured out how to hand make them, they are totally custom to whatever shape card I make. I love it.

Here is pic of them…


I used some scrapbook paper. They didn’t seem to want to stay together, so I had to tape them, but they worked.