goose projects

I have been a bit busy this week it seems.  I completed 3 different things, now please note that none of these projects took that long.

1st I made some super simple birthday cards for my cousin and a friend. I got the idea from something I saw on pinterest- I really do spend too much time on that site. Here are the cards- just a simple happy birthday with some washi tape candles. DSCF0774

I love sending a handmade card. I really think that can just make someone’s birthday.

Next I finally completed the edging to the embroider pillow that me and goose made. I really like it, but the edging seems to turn. No worries- it is just for the goose.

The goose pillow

close up of edging

close up of edging

DSC_1342  DSC_1346

Super Cute I think! It was a total me design from the embroidery to the edging. I just drew out the skull and goose’s name and then I made up the rest of the embroidery. as I went For the edging, I blanket stitched around the edge of the pillow and then made 1 layer of SC then a layer of dc and then a picot around. I have always liked the beauty and simplicity of the picot edge. It is really by default one.

Next I completed the first thing for my friend upcoming birthday. Headband number 1. I like how it turned out, but I may sew up the end the complete it. Right now it is buttoned, but I don’t think that works too well. It doesn’t seem to lay right. I found the pattern on ravelry, but the link is here. It was super easy if you know how to do cables. If not you may want to practice first. now I am not the best knitter and I did have to take out a few rows and this finished one was my second attempt, but I am very please. Also I made it this AM, it only took about 2 hours start to finish. Yes I was up at 730 this AM and will probably want a nap this afternoon.


Now can my productiveness continue into next week? We shall see.

… later



So I am continuing with the hats it seems. I did make a goal this year to complete all the projects I had listed in my notebook to do. So that being said, I completed the first project listed, an owl hat for my goose.

I think this maybe a lofty goal, but I think I can I think I can. There are probably 50 projects and some are knitted sweater or blankets.

Okay so that hat. It is from a booklet I have called “Crazy Kids Caps” and the title of the hat is called “wise owl”. I believe the booklet is by Redheart supersaver yarns. I did not use the yarns suggests as I usually do not. I used some stuff I had previously purchased and am not really too fond of, but they work great for the hat.

The yarns were: Bernat Satin in sable, this was the main body of the hat. The other yarns were all Vanna’s choice in taupe, mustard and cream (I think I do not have the paper thingy that comes on the yarn). The colors worked well for the hat.

I followed the pattern mostly, but it seemed a bit too small for the giant head of my little one, so I added 2 more increasing rows. When it was done it did fit on my head, but it was a bit short. It should be perfect for the little one.

The hat is an owl. It seems I have this thing that my child must have an animal shaped hat on his head at all times. He usually doesn’t keep the hats on, maybe the animal theme is why. Damn, I am already embarrassing my four-year old. Oh well! He does love when I make him things….

So the hat turned out super cute, but that is not the only thing I have done all week. I also completed another Katy Cap for a coworker and made an infinity scarf to match.

I followed that hat pattern again, but left out the baubles, I just did the front posts. I also used a J hook and it fit much better so no increases or anything. The hat I think might be one of my new favorites to make. I also did not add any buttons or anything. I really did not feel that this one needed any.

I use one of my favorite brands of yarn Vanna’s choice, in eggplant. I discovered this bold deep purple in making of some wrist warmers that are still not done, but I have fallen in love with this color. I used about 3 skeins, all of 2 and a little of one.

For the scarf, I just chained about 200 stitches and then dc in the first row and dc in the back loop for next 9 rows. Total of ten rows. When I was done, I sewed in all ends and then sewed the ends of the scarf together to make it round. Now in the process of making my rows, I did mange to make the ends angle. When it was all sewed together it was just fine. I actually really love the scarf and may make one for me as well. It did not take as long as I thought it was going length of time of a project always deters me, but at last I am still trucking along on the Notso baby Blanket for the goose.

I really do hope my coworker like her hat and scarf. I actually think she will love them and I might have to make alot more.



So several weeks ago I finished my thanksgiving day cards and envelopes, but for some reason I have not posted them. I am a true slacker. Especially today, I have been at work since 730am and have not done one bit of work yet. Anyhoo…

Cards. Goose helped. I used his hand the make turkeys. Then with my finger I added colors for feathers. I then cut out some beaks, the red hangy things that turkeys have were hole punched red circles, the I cut out some wings with scrapbook paper. I also cut out some corners and lines to decorate the cards.

I choose thanksgiving colors- which equal brown, orange, etc.

After everything was glued and dried. I stamped on the words with some stamps I have. Then I mod poge over the whole card and let it dry. Fini.

Sorry the pic is bad, but the only camera I currently have is my iPhone…


Being me, I then proceeded to make envelopes to mail the cards. To see how I make my envelopes go to here. I made about 6 envelopes and they worked super great. Because I figured out how to hand make them, they are totally custom to whatever shape card I make. I love it.

Here is pic of them…


I used some scrapbook paper. They didn’t seem to want to stay together, so I had to tape them, but they worked.


So I have finished the cowl/ scarfette. Ok just really the first thing I have ever knitted. I am so excited, I believe I have successfully taught myself how to knit in about a week.

So this began as wrist warmers, then a hat, then just practice, and finally a mini scarf with buttons for my goose.
See below…


It is not finished. This will also be the first project that I block, and it really needs it. I am not sure why it curls up like that. I have a scarf that was knitted for me a few years ago and it rolls like that too.

Then i will add some buttons and be done. Goose will look super cute this winter and be nice and toasty, especially if we have a repeat of last winter. I think I just put him in one of my scarves last year. It’ll be better to have his own.

Now I can see all my imperfections and mistakes. The buttonholes are something crazy, but I have completed my first knit project. Go me!!

I’ll need to make more things just to practice, so what to next…

So about a week ago I took my little goose’s fav stuffed dinosaur to work with me. I spent the day taking him around the office and taking pictures. Now everyone I work with knows that I am completely insane and will do just about anything for my little guy.
A few of my coworkers helped with the pics and when I asked the others they laughed, but allowed me to get the pic.
When I got home, I showed goose all the pics and he thought it was crazy the Oscar (the dino’s name) did all these things at mommy’s work.
Well yesterday, I printed up all the pictures and wrote a story about oscar’s day at work with mommy.

It was perfect. I printed up the words and cut and glued into a little scrapbook I purchased from my local hobby lobby. I added some scrapbook paper for some color on each page. I did it really simple because I wanted the story and pics to stand out, not the design of the book. I think it is perfect.
Goose loved it and we read the book twice yesterday.




So pics of the book. You know some days I do out do myself and this was one of the brilliant ideas that I have. I think the goose will have the book for a long time and maybe just one day my grandkids will have, maybe…