My son joined the boy scouts this year and we have been having so much fun! Last weekend we had our first pinewood derby. We got to make our car and everything. He got 2nd place in his den. I was so proud of us. He of course wanted the trophy and was not happy. But it was a really fun experience overall.

car in progress

car in progress

painting in progress

painting in progress

the finished car

the finished car

The race


The race

really cool action shot


the boy and his dad

the boy and his dad

sad face with award

sad face with award

This week we begin planning for the Blue and Gold. So much fun.

… later


Okay, so I am late on the Friday post… Life is busy.

Updates, I got a new job. I start on the 2nd of April and am very happy. It is the same thing I do now, but psychiatric clinical research. So actually in my background. My degree is in psychology. Plus it is a lot more money. Go me!!

I need to go out and have a beer and celebrate, but I have not had the chance to do that yet.

Okay, I decided over the weekend that I AM A CROCHETER NOT A KNITTER. totally spoils my plans of become a true knitter. Boo hiss! This all came about because I have started the lovely knitted chevron blanket about 10 times and now I think I am done. I’ll just crochet it and who will it go too? Hmmm….

I did begin a lovely granny stitch shawl this weekend. It calls for sock yarn, which I am not a fan off. And it’ll need blocking, which I don’t usually do, but it will be beautiful.

And this is not in my notebook to be completed, but for most of the stuff in there I need to make patterns and that is a lot of work. This is not helping me get to my goal of completing the book. I’ll begin working on it soon. I am a true procrastinator.

Other things in life…
Spring is in full bloom here in the south. The pollen count was at 8000 yesterday and allergies are ridiculous. Thank god I don’t have allergies. Too bad mom and goose have them. I have them both on allergy medicine and they seem to be doing okay. I talk like I am in charge of mom- really I have just been bugging her to take her meds.

Goose started soccer on Saturday. The little kids are just so cute…


See my little soccer player. He likes it, but on Saturday he was running a fever and didn’t feel good, so he says he doesn’t want to play anymore. He will have to finish the season. I paid like $85 for this and I know he likes soccer.

Well that is life…

So catching up on some blogging. I actually got the computer out today and plan on doing some serious blogging. I have had a great holiday season and have completed some wonderful projects and made some head way on some others.

First new year’s eve… a wonderful night. And our little party for goose was great. he made it to about 10:30 then he started with “I wanta go to bed”. It was actually wonderful, I was in bed by 11pm and really that is how I want to spend my new year’s.

I made him a fondue diner, which is actually just fried sliced hot dogs, melted velveeta cheese and cubed bread. You dip everything in the cheese. It is super delicious and it is something my mom always made us for special occasions.

I put up the table-cloth and lite candles. We ate dinner by candle light. We also had sparkling grape juice out of champagne glasses. Goose thought it was so fancy and was very happy that we had a little party just him, me and nana.

Then we went outside and lite sparklers. Goose loved them. he was not afraid like I thought he would be. I guess my little guy is just growing up.








I have been neglecting my life lately, it seems. I really dislike the holiday season and I am so happy it is almost over, only one more holiday to go, New Years Eve.

New Years Eve is always a disappointment for me. I think in my head I have that it will some crazy, beautiful, amazing night in which life is perfect and surreal. But in reality, it is just a drunken or not drunken night at a random bar with friends. It is completely unepic and lame.

So last year MMM stated that you should really spend New Years Eve with people you truly love and want to spend the next year with. So this year, I am going to be at home and really looking forward to it. I am going to keep my little goose up to midnight. I am betting he will pass out by 10pm, but we are going to try.

So what  do you do for a kid New Years Eve party?

I need to get some noise makers and hats and such. I think I have some sparklers on top of the fridge, I’ll check when I get home.

 I think we will have some finger foods, ohh! maybe fondue, oh crap Mom is making a lasagna… not fondue, maybe I can convince her to change her plans tonight.

I think our neighbors were planning a bonfire that evening. And if so I will take the party over to their house. I know goose had alot of fun there on Christmas eve, but as always we shall see.

I need some champagne glasses and some sparkling non-alcoholic wine. That is what I always got as a kid.

 So hopefully all of this will be over soon and I can get back to life…

… later


So my little goose had his school pictures this week. Now mind you we are only in pre-k, but we still have pictures twice a year.

About 2 years ago, I put my little goose in a white Oxford shirt, tie, pinstriped vest, jeans, and red chuck Taylor allstars. I have been unable to top that outfit. I have tried cardigan sweaters, shorts and tee shirts, and a few other things that did not pass the test. So I have been racking my brain on what he should wear.

I finally got it, a bow tie. A good red funky one. Well, I looked somewhat around and could find one I liked or one at all for that matter. I finally found one online, $9.99. It was Monday when I found it and I needed it by Thursday and $47 to ship 2-3 days later and maybe I won’t have on time. But let’s face it I really wanted to make the tie.

So I searched online. Looked at some ties and drew up some plans to make it. The plans I came up with were pretty much like some I found online here. Now I have never been to this site Prudent Baby and I truly like it. I have spent some time exploring it and it’s great you should check it out.

Ok back to the bow tie. I didn’t follow the above listed pattern as I should have. I actually never follow patterns to a t, and I love that I am able to. I like to stitch around the edges when I do anything. I like how that looks. Also I just folded up the middle piece and the neck piece, none of that fancy stuff from the site.

I like the changes I made. I think it makes it look handmade, which of course is very important to me.

I couldn’t find the pieces you need to close the tie around, but I had purchased a small black tuxedo tie for goose and I took it apart and used those pieces.

So I, actually goose, choose a beautiful read Asian print fake silk. It had dragons on it and I cut it up and made this great little bow tie…


Now he was not happy the morning I took that picture, but check out that bow tie. It worked so beautiful and great.

Now I am not sure this outdoes the tie and vest. I guess I have to wait to the pictures actually come.

… later

Last night, my son got a puppy dog. Actually I got a puppy dog. She is 6 weeks old and a purebred beagle and the cutest thing you ever did see. Now she doesn’t have any papers, but that doesn’t matter to me at all.

Now we are her 4th home in about 2 weeks. Poor baby. She was so scared last night, but i think she got used to me and goose. This morning she was so happy to see us. Her little tail was just wagging. I can’t get rid of her. She is mine for life. I am actually kind of excited about it.

Again cutest thing ever (well next to my goose of course)…





I am totally in love and I think goose is too. A boy and his dog.

Now how do you train a dog? I grew up with a dog, but my family got him when I was 6 months old, so I really didn’t have much to do with the whole training part. I suppose I will figure this all out as I go.

So as a beagle she howls not barks. That could be annoying, but I will stop it ASAP. Also, as a hunting dog she likes critters and I can tell from her sniffing last night that she smelled some in the yard and maybe going after them if I let her. I’ll have to train her not too.

Dogs are a lot of work, I suppose I have to stop being lazy. I guess I can handle it.