handmade sh*t

So a great chick that I work with had some twins. Girls!. She requested me to make some ruffle diaper soakers for her. And I did. They turned out so cute. I got the pattern from coats and clark it is title baby girl soakers. I did actually add an extra ruffle row because I kinda messed up and instead of fixing just continued. No worries, I just made sure the other one had the extra row too.

And the back…

ruffle butt

ruffle butt


And the front….

the front

the front


Now I need to make some headbands. So cute right!




I have been a bit busy this week it seems.  I completed 3 different things, now please note that none of these projects took that long.

1st I made some super simple birthday cards for my cousin and a friend. I got the idea from something I saw on pinterest- I really do spend too much time on that site. Here are the cards- just a simple happy birthday with some washi tape candles. DSCF0774

I love sending a handmade card. I really think that can just make someone’s birthday.

Next I finally completed the edging to the embroider pillow that me and goose made. I really like it, but the edging seems to turn. No worries- it is just for the goose.

The goose pillow

close up of edging

close up of edging

DSC_1342  DSC_1346

Super Cute I think! It was a total me design from the embroidery to the edging. I just drew out the skull and goose’s name and then I made up the rest of the embroidery. as I went For the edging, I blanket stitched around the edge of the pillow and then made 1 layer of SC then a layer of dc and then a picot around. I have always liked the beauty and simplicity of the picot edge. It is really by default one.

Next I completed the first thing for my friend upcoming birthday. Headband number 1. I like how it turned out, but I may sew up the end the complete it. Right now it is buttoned, but I don’t think that works too well. It doesn’t seem to lay right. I found the pattern on ravelry, but the link is here. It was super easy if you know how to do cables. If not you may want to practice first. now I am not the best knitter and I did have to take out a few rows and this finished one was my second attempt, but I am very please. Also I made it this AM, it only took about 2 hours start to finish. Yes I was up at 730 this AM and will probably want a nap this afternoon.


Now can my productiveness continue into next week? We shall see.

… later


This post was suppose to be from last week…

So I had such a productive week in terms of current projects. I have completed all my current projects but 1. The notso granny set for KMASD and I am going to begin today. I completed a circa 1980 style friendship bracelet for this amazing 8 year old that I know. It took me a minute, but I remember how to do it. It is really just a series of knots. I need to figure out the string through, I did a double string and it worked nicely, but I don’t think that is how I did it when I was 8.


It actually fits my wrist, so I hope it fits her.

I gave MMM her slippers and she loves them. They did turn out cute.

I went out with MMM on Saturday. It was just a late dinner but it was really good to see one of my best friends. We just sat and ate and drank beer and talked. When we go to the bar we don’t get to talk, it’s just too loud.

I find that life gets pretty boring and super busy the older you get. No good. I think we all need to take a moment relax and enjoy the good people in our lives. And now that it is the holiday season, it’s the prefect time to initiate that idea.

I shall discuss with everyone I know this weekend.

So all is currently a mess in my universe, but I think it shall be alright. My car went loco on me on Friday. The temperature gauge went all the way to high. I called the dealer and they couldn’t look at it to Monday, but I couldn’t drive it so it is there. As I pulled into the shop, the check engine light went on and it began to smoke.

The guy from the shop called me yesterday, they looked at it. I gave a cracked radiator and it needs replaced. Boo hiss! But on a good note they will only charge me $100 and I am pretty sure radiators cost alot more then that.

Now the car, it is a total lemon and by the time I am done paying for it, I will have a whole new engine. So far, I have had to fix the catalytic converter, the time belt tension pulley and the timing belt, and now the radiator. It seems about every 6 months it needs major work. I actually love the car and when I bought I was going to keep it forever. I think I might still since it will be a whole new engine in a few years anyway. Oh well!

I was so upset on Friday. I just hate having car trouble and I don’t really have money to get it fixed. You know that I why I bought a brand new car a couple of years ago, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I have calmed down and I have realized I can’t worry about it. It will always work out and be okay.

Mom is thinking about buying a new car and giving me hers. I am not so sure that is a good idea. I still owe alot on the car, but whatever she decided we’ll do. I just don’t want her to think he has to do this for me. I bought a lemon and I will deal with it.

… later

I have officially completed my Christmas cards. Now if I just had a decent pic of the goose and Stella Bean. I actually don’t think I shall ever make Christmas cards again. It was a total pain in the ass, but at last I must always make shit.
So I did a simple design. Baubles. I have been on a baubles kick ever since I made the ones for goose’s teachers. I just loved how they turned out and I think bauble is actually a British thing, not sure, I always thought they were just balls. Haha!
So I made them general. I send a few cards to some of OHM family and they are not Christian. That lead me to the baubles.
I actually bought cards and envelopes. I know, but I was not looking forward to making 30+ envelopes, that is alot of shit to do. I cut the cards is half as they were the folded kind and I like flat cards. I probably could have made them postcards, hmmm… maybe next year.
Then I cut out circles in all different colors of scrap book paper, well actually just pink, purple, green, and blue. There was some yellow and orange and black as well but mostly the former colors. I has more ribbon that matched those colors.
Then I cut ribbon for their hanging things.
I outlined each bauble with glitter and modge podged the cards. Fini and so cute!
Christmas cards 2011…




I kinda a feel good being done with all my Christmas stuff by the first weekend of December. Now time to celebrate my birthday and then get the house ready for the holidays!

… later

So today, I decide I was going to make my own envelopes. You know I keep adding on things that I only make. Not good, but I do love making things.

So I looked online for a tutorial or something about making envelopes and the only thing I found was using an already made envelope to make new ones. Not what I wanted.

I then decided I would make my own tutorial with my lovely iPhone.

So here we go my very first tutorial…


1. First measure your card. My was 5″ x 5″. Then get paper. I am using just regular printer paper 8 1/2 x 11. Place you card in the center measure the sides and bottom and top to verify it’s in the center as the pics below…



2. Mark the corners of your card.


3. Cut out the corners.


4. Now shape the top. You don’t have to this if you don’t want too. I just wanted the top to be slanted inward. I like that look.


5. Fold in the sides.


6. Fold up the bottom.


7. Put some glue on the sides and stick the bottom to it. Use a glue stick, it won’t make the paper all bubbly like.


8. Place in your card and glue down the top and volia handmade envelope!


I hope this is helpful!

… later