I have been a bit busy this week it seems.  I completed 3 different things, now please note that none of these projects took that long.

1st I made some super simple birthday cards for my cousin and a friend. I got the idea from something I saw on pinterest- I really do spend too much time on that site. Here are the cards- just a simple happy birthday with some washi tape candles. DSCF0774

I love sending a handmade card. I really think that can just make someone’s birthday.

Next I finally completed the edging to the embroider pillow that me and goose made. I really like it, but the edging seems to turn. No worries- it is just for the goose.

The goose pillow

close up of edging

close up of edging

DSC_1342  DSC_1346

Super Cute I think! It was a total me design from the embroidery to the edging. I just drew out the skull and goose’s name and then I made up the rest of the embroidery. as I went For the edging, I blanket stitched around the edge of the pillow and then made 1 layer of SC then a layer of dc and then a picot around. I have always liked the beauty and simplicity of the picot edge. It is really by default one.

Next I completed the first thing for my friend upcoming birthday. Headband number 1. I like how it turned out, but I may sew up the end the complete it. Right now it is buttoned, but I don’t think that works too well. It doesn’t seem to lay right. I found the pattern on ravelry, but the link is here. It was super easy if you know how to do cables. If not you may want to practice first. now I am not the best knitter and I did have to take out a few rows and this finished one was my second attempt, but I am very please. Also I made it this AM, it only took about 2 hours start to finish. Yes I was up at 730 this AM and will probably want a nap this afternoon.


Now can my productiveness continue into next week? We shall see.

… later



so back in July I began a knit scarf for a friend. well I actually finished it today. only 6 months later…

I tell you that job was killing me. I have only been back at my old company a few weeks and I can actually knit, crochet and create… so happy…

ok the scarf. the pattern was from patons classic wool monkey around booklet and is called monkey face scarf. it is a knit striped scarf with pockets and the pockets are sock monkey faces.

now a few years ago EMM asked for a scarf with pockets and I was trying to figure out how to do that and one day I found the booklet and that was it. EMM loves sock monkeys and wanted a scarf with pockets… PERFECT!

I used size 7 needles and Vanna’s choice yarn in purple heather, grey heather, magenta, cream, and a bit of black for the eyes and such.

it has taken quite a time to complete, but it was needed since EMM just had a birthday and needed a gift.

and ta da…..


so on a side note… I purchased a smash journal this week and will using it for my projects. I always make notes and take pics and I just wanted something to put it all in. I am not a scrape booker so I thought this might work. if I enjoy it I can do for other things.

well I made my first page minus the pics cause they are still on my phone…


I think I love it…

… hopefully later with more crafty goodness

So I know no post in a bit… It seems I have been busy and tired plus I have been using my new camera for pics and that means I actually have to get on the computer to do up any post.

Okay a little of what has been going on…

I made some lovely and kinda normal valentines day cards. I bought myself a heart shaped hole punch and I love it. I think I am going to have to start collecting hole punches. It was so much easier the hand cutting all the little hearts. Also I bought one of the greatest stamps ever!!! It is by Martha Stewart who I am not a big fan of, but her collection of crafty items is fantastic. The stamp is basically letters and you can make it say whatever you want. A very good investment I think…

No pics of the cards I forgot. I think I have one extra I’ll try to find and update. But the cards were very simple punched heart randomly cut scrap book paper and stamped with “love LOVE love”. Again very simple.

I completed some birthday gifts and actually one was on my list of things to do this year… Quilted sunglasses case. This was for KAB and they turned out great, but one was a bit too small and the other was a bit short. I need to rethink the cutting lengths. I did all the sewing on the machine and it took about 10 minutes for each one. The fabric I choose is so beautiful. Very geometric and blue. I actually have a bunch left as I bought a 1/4 yard of each so I plan on making myself a case… Maybe I’ll do a tutorial this weekend… Hmm

Also I purchased a yard and 1/2 for this beautiful green blue fabric. It was what was left on the thingy. I think it’ll be another starboard skirt. I think I need some elastic…

I did take pictures but they are on my camera. I think I need to do some posting this weekend.

Next I made another Katy hat. This one for ICB. I choose some bright orange yarn and followed the pattern to the T. It is beautiful. I added 2 buttons on top if each other and love how it looks.

see below… Pics go me!



I feel as if other things have happened, but at this moment I am at a lose. I have began working on a knitted baby blanket for a coworker. And I purchased fabric to make her some swaddling blankets. And this time I bought enough fabric. Both the patterns are from my favorites site the purl bee.

The knitted blanket is a chevron pattern and seems to be working up quickly. This is a good thing because I still have not gotten anywhere on the notso baby blanket.

… later

So, when I began crocheting alot, I started a book. It is really just a sketch book that I write notes about current projects, patterns for future projects, and finished patterns for past projects. Well I really spent alot time writing down ideas and such. Now I have about 30 projects to do from this book. My goal this year is to complete them. Now they are mostly crochet, but there are some knit and some sewing in there. And another blanket. The only thing I don’t see finished by the end of the year is a second blanket. I have still not finished the first one and I am over halfway done.

Ok projects mostly of my own creation, but some are patterns I already have…

1. Notso baby blanket currently WIP and moving right along. I really want to complete it before I begin anything else, but I know in about 1 more color I will be totally bored with it.

2. Hexagon tote bag- I have actually made only 1 hexagon about a year ago, so I guess it is a WIP.

3. New christmas stocking for Goose- well now that I have my Stella Bean, maybe for her not him. He does have a hand crocheted stocking as is.

4. Floppy bunny toys- stuffed animals. I need to make alot this year since I have about 10 bags of stuffing- total exaggeration I probably have 5.

5. Blanket for me- I think I know the design I want to do and the colors I want to use- it is just now a matter of completing by the end of the year.

6. Jr Varsity Sweater for the goose- this is a crochet pattern from a magazine that I have and maybe a good way to see how to form sweaters. Plus I already have all the yarn it was purchased about 6 months ago and is currently living in stash under my bed.

7. Crochet clutch- hmmm…. I don’t know I just have designs and plans for it in my book.

8. On the go project bag… I don’t actually need, but may be good to throw in my purse for some little projects that I could possibly make.

9. A Fedora- yes that is right. The crochet dad has a pattern, but I don’t like the front post on it and he uses fishing line or something in it to keep it stiff- I have written out a pattern but have not yet tested. I am still not sure what kind of yarn to use.

10. A stuffed toy Toothless from how to train your dragon- he is my son’s favorite and I think all little boys need dinosaurs and dragons. I can’t find a free pattern, but I am pretty sure I can wing it. HAHAHAHA!

11. Puntatony Til, another stuffed toy for my little one. This is actually one of his imaginary friends

12. Stella Bean- this was planned way before we actually got the dog and I think I will make a small one for her- then she can be a cannibal. HAHAHAHA [insert evil laugh here]

13. Floppy hat- need to design and make I want one, I want one for a friend, I think it’ll work- unless it becomes like the cowboy hat experiment of last spring- then I might have to get committed to a mental hospital, but we shall see.

14. Slouchy hat- yes yet another slouchy hat- this will be a beanie and pink. I already have the yarn and pattern. [side note I began working on this last week and the lovely dog that I have chewed up the yarn, yes I am a total crochet/ wanta be knitter and I have a dog that eats yarn- this is a problem]

15. Emu- not sure why except that I HEART EMUS! they are just so cute.

16. Flower brooches- I have only made one and not sure what I will do with them when I am done, but I want some none the less. [another side note I gave this to AEM for her birthday earlier this month. And she loved it!]

17 Cup cozy. I am completely fascinated with concept and don’t really know why one would need a cozy for their tea/ coffee cup, but I plan on making one- oh total thought- get cups from the thrift store and cozy them for christmas gifts next year… maybe that will work. I have been trying to think how I will get my christmas gifts made when I have all this other crap to do.

18. Fingerless mittens. I think I need some, but then again in about 2 weeks it will be warm again here in the south, so maybe not. I should make for next year. I already have the yarn as well, so I am not sure why they are not done yet.

19 cigarette case. no idea what to do here but I need a new one now! Maybe I should just quit smoking?

20. Cluster hat- there is a rough sketch, but not much else. Again I am not sure about this one, but it will be done.

21. Printer cover- just to keep the dust off my damn printer, I need this soon and have no idea how to make or what design to use. I have not yet seen anything like this, but I will think of something.

22, Granny round placemats- now note this was to be a christmas 2011 present for my mom, but I still have not gotten around to it. What the fuck do I do all the time?

23. red slippers for me. yes red and again no idea.

24. Knitted cardigan for me. I love a good cardigan and seem to really love a grandfather or Mr Roger type cardigan- they are my total favorite and I usually have one on. So this is what I want to make. And I do have a pattern- just need yarn.

25. Sewn summertime dress- will be similar to a maxi dress but made with some funky cotton. but really do I time to sew?

26. the granny mandala- a beautiful and useless thing that I absolutely love and want to put on my dinner room table. It seems like a huge and granny style doliey

27. tube socks- yes I want some tube socks and I have really not been able to find a good pattern, maybe I should make my own. Actually I think that was the plan, but now to knit or crochet? I actually have the white yarn. I inherited it from MMM crazy step grandmother.

28. Sewn sunglasses case- this is actually for KAB and myself. I was going to do some quilting on this one- ohhhh, my first attempt at quilting let’s just wait and see.

29. Broomstick lace bracelet. I saw this awhile ago and loved it. it would involve me learning how to do broomstick lace and I do want expand my crocheting skills this year, so just maybe.

30. a DPN case- I have a crap ton of DPNs and they look so lonely in a tin. They need a home in a nice case with the size they are embroider at each pocket.

Ok 30 projects in ,now, less than a year and some of them are pretty hefty- blankets, knitted sweater, socks oh my!

I think I can I think I can and you know I totally will.

…. later

So I have not been here in such a long time. It seems my work has blocked this site and I forget to go on at home and really hate typing on my phone. But atlast I do need to update on my latest and greatest completed project, the kitchen set.

I saw a great set on and thought what a wonderful idea for someone who has just gotten married or bought a house. And one of my good friends EKM just bought a house.

I have yet to see the house because it seems we have all been busy and I actually haven’t seen any of my friends in a while. Total boo and it really sucks! Maybe we should go out this weekend? I shall call later.

I digress. Okay the kitchen set on raverly consisted of 2 tea towels with hand crocheted edge, 2 potholders, and a scrubbie. I love the idea, but was not fond of the potholder pattern or the scrubbie, so me being me changed it up.

First, I made 2 lovely dishcloths from sugar n’ cream by lily in colorway peace and daisy ombré. They took about 1 skein of each. I used a knitted pattern from a booklet I have, kitchen colors by lily. I used pattern number 3, dishcloth 1. It is an angled knitting pattern, you begin by increasing then you decrease. It was actual quite simple and allowed me to practice my knitting skills. It was a simple garter stitch too. They turned out well and will work good as dishcloths, but I am not too happy with the colors. I am not sure they go with the rest of the set.



There is a possibility that I will remake them before I actually give the set away.

Next I made the potholders. I used sugar n’ cream cotton in green, hot green, hot orange, yellow, red and mod blue. About 1 skein each. I used the fabulous African flower mandala potholder pattern. For these potholders I did use a G hook and they were a better size. Remember I had made before and they were kinda big. I used a simple picot edge on both of the potholders. And I changed out the back colors, one is yellow and one is orange.

Again, I love this potholders. I may make a set for mom, she could use some new potholders.

African flower mandala potholders…


I would like to see them a bit more colorful, but EKM likes yellow and orange for her kitchen. I did add the blues and greens to go with the tea towels.

Finally, I made 2 lovely tea towels. I purchased about 1/3 yard of home decor fabric. I had to feel to make sure it would work as a tea towel. I believe it is a printed woven cotton, but not sure. I choose a kinda retro flower pattern with a background of lime green. They really didn’t have any yellow/ orange and this was the closest I got.

On a side note, I purchased this fabric from hobby lobby (a kinda craft chain store in my area) for $3.98. I had already purchased some fabric, but I decided against it, from Joann’s fabrics for about $15.00. Yes it was also 1/3 yard. So I have learned a valuable lesson: hobby lobby I’d cheaper for fabric. It is too bad they don’t have as much fabric as Joann’s.

Back to the tea towels. I cut them about 27 inches x 17 inches and hemmed the edges. I really just folded the fabric in half and cut it. Then I folded the sides to match. I measure somewhat but I usually just wing it. I used my machine for the hemming. Then I did a blanket stitch at each end of both towels with a sharp yarn needle and yarn. I also used lily sugar n’ cream yarn in yellow and hot orange. I then sc across, turned and did picot edge around. I chose this edge to match the potholders. I did do one towel edging in yellow and one in orange. It was nothing to fancy, but when completed it added just the right amount of something to the handmade towels.

Tea towels…


Now for the whole set together…



It turned out quite beautiful and I have ravelred it here.

What you have not heard of You like to knit and crochet? You should totally check out and join. It is free online community for knitters and crocheters around the world. I have gotten some great inspiration from there and some great patterns as well. Also I have meet a few others like me. It seems there are a lot of us out there.

… later

So today I decided I was going to learn how to knit cables. And I did.

I like to use books to learn. I like being able to read directions and follow diagrams. For most of my knitting adventures, I have used “Stitch ‘n Bitch: the knitter’s handbook” by Debbie Stoller. Now this book may not be the most helpful when actually learning to knit and purl and such, but when it comes to everything else I want to do, it rules. And now that I have basics down, I can work on all the fun stuff and learn new stitches and designs and well you know.

I followed the cable instructions on pages 90-91 and worked them about 4 times in my little made up pattern.

This practice item actually has become something, I repeat IT WAS NOT FROGGED!! Can you believe that?

I made a great new pouch for my lovely iPhone.


I really like it and it seemed to work good. I need to come up with more things to make with cables so I can expand my knitting abilities.

… later

So today, I received a rather pleasant surprise. MMM is cleaning out her step-grandmother’s house and in the process found a bunch of craft supplies for me. I am so happy.

First, it was this…


I know the pic sucks, but that my friends is a crap load of old knitting needles. I already have my grandmother’s crochet hooks, now I have MMM’s step-grandmother’s needles.

It makes me really happy to have these old things.

There was also a bunch of cross stitch things and a few old patterns from the 1970’s. I love getting surprises. I need to go through all the cross stitch stuff. I have not done that yet I got a little excited about all the needles.

Now I can become a real knitter…

Next… I have been working diligently on the great potholder experiment since I quit smoking on Tuesday. I have basically completed a potholder a day. They are looking great. I have finally found a design that I like and can keep doing. It is really simple rounds with absolutely no fancy stuff. I just basically change colors every round. I really like them. The last 2 I made I did some really random color combos. I think they turned out great, my favs so far.

Some pics…








As you can see super busy… They are looking really good. I have 2 more round ones to make and then I begin the skull shaped ones.

I also have a few baby gifts to make. I have decided to make the swaddling blankets from the purl bee. As you are probably aware one of my favorite sites. I have chosen some pretty funky fabrics and I didn’t want too boyish or too girlish. Fabrics…



They will turn out great. I think I might need to get some different fabric for R-B’s little boy. The second pic is for him, but they don’t match. R-B is alittle funky so it should be ok, but will I be satisfied?

…later I think I need to sleep now. I have a busy day of sewing ahead of me.