So I have this notebook in which I write down all projects I want to do, patterns I want to create, ideas, and projects that I have yarn for- completed or to do. I have also recorded some things that I have done in the past. I use it to keep all my own written patterns in check as well as ideas I get. Let’s call the book number 1.

I often imagine that one day in the far future this book would be ultra valuable to someone other then me, but chances are it won’t. It’ll just be my book and I am actually okay with that.

Now I know it is silly to keep such a thing, especially since I am at and I have this here fantastic blog, but I am such a sucker for pen and paper. I like the feel, the thoughts and the look of my crazy handwriting. So all things end up in the book number 1 before they end up anywhere else. And sorry to say but sometimes that is the only place they are.

Yesterday I went through the book and realized I have 30+ projects listed that I want to do, and the list keeps getting longer. I want to have this book done by the end of the year. And currently I am only working on one project. So maybe I need to stop looking at crochet/ knit patterns and I need to get working on what I currently have in my head.

So without any further ado…

My crazy project list:
1. Owl hat for goose, pattern from booklet I have, already have the yarn- taking from my stash.
2. Cowboy hat, pattern from “yeehaw lady” from the book “the happy hooker”, yarn red cotton, already have. Please note I have attempted to complete this hat 3 times before and had a fit as it did not work at all- pattern needs work!
3. Notso baby blanket, current WIP and I am about halfway done with it.
4. Hexagon tote bag, pattern none really but was inspired to create this bag from futuregirl. I am using some yarn from my stash and have only completed one hexagon and I am not sure I like that style.
5. Christmas stocking for goose. No pattern decision yet. I do have a few and then I would need to get yarn.
6. Floppy bunny toys. These will be made for a coworkers nieces. I plan on making the pattern and I need to get some yarn for them.
7. Knitted grandfather like cardigan. Pattern the jr. Varsity sweater from “crochet today” magazine. Originally this was to be for me, but it’ll be for goose as he needs some sweaters for this winter. I have the yarn and will begin work on this soon.
8. Tango the cow, peewee the ant, these are some of goose’s imaginary animals. I kinda feel like he needs actual ones he can play with, I plan on making the patterns and I need to purchase yarn. (PS they live at his beach in the sky… My child is crazy.)
9. Magic shroom pin cushion. Pattern is from online, sorry don’t remember where. I will use yarn scraps for this.
10. Clutch, no real pattern, but design is from here it has cherry blossoms on it and is really cute. I think I might need some yarn, but maybe I can use some of the stash.
11. On the go project bag. I plan on making the pattern, but not sure how I want it designed. Purpose of this is carry one skien of yarn and a project with me, but currently my projects are getting bigger and bigger. I think I can use yarn from the stash on this one.
12. The fedora… I plan on making a pattern, but a pattern can be found at the crochet dad. I love the hat, but not too crazy about the posts and so forth. I know this can never be my original design- I didn’t think of it first. I need yarn for this.
13. Toothless the dragon (from “how to train your dragon” movie), puntatony til the dragonfly, and stella bean the puppy dog. More of goose’s imaginary animals. I need to make patterns for them and I believe I will need yarn.
14. The floppy hat. I found a pattern that I love, but it is knitted and seems very complicated and since I just started to knit, I think I will create a crochet pattern for this one. I will need yarn.
15. Slouchy hat, pattern from booklet “all in caps” by embrosky. I have yarn.
16. Emu, pattern from book “super cute crochet” I think that’s the title. I have yarn and will use scraps.
17. Flower brooches, pattern I will make but I will use 2 books that I have on flowers to crochet and knit. I will use up some scrap yarn and yarn from stash.
18. Cup cozies. Pattern one I got online from redheart and I will use up some of the stash.
19. Fingerless mittens, pattern from a free pattern that I got at hobby lobby. I have yarn, it calls for sock yarn, purchased months ago. Also I need to learn how to do FSC (foundation single crochet) and I am not so sure about that. I will work on it when I get there.
20. Cigarette case/ coin purse. First I think I need to quit smoking, so this may not be the greatest project idea. If I quit as I plan too next month, then this will be a great coin purse. If I don’t then I will get a new case for my smokes. I don’t have a pattern and I don’t know how to attach to the metal clasp I got, but I can figure that all out. I will use up some of the stash.
21. “the cluster hat” pattern none, but design was from online somewhere. The hat was designed with clusters of v stitches and front post. It was worked in stripped colors and had a cute little brim. I may not make this hat. And I need yarn for it.
22. Printer cover, pattern maybe motifs? Not sure. I will use stuff from my stash. (yes I have a lot of yarn in my stash).
23. Granny round placemats, pattern from here. These are really cute and will be for mom. I have the yarn for them, I purchased about a month ago.
24. New slippers for me. Pattern I have several and not sure which one I want to use. I will probably need yarn for them as well.
25. The grandfather cardigan for me, 2 patterns for this one crocheted, one knit, not sure which one I will use and I will need yarn for this.
26. Hello kitty granny squares thingy. I found the diagram online here, scroll down and you will see it. I am not sure what to make with them, but it’ll be awesome. I made need yarn for this.
27. Granny mandala, pattern from crochet with raymond. I absolutely heart it and am not sure what I will actually do with it, but it will be made. I think I will need yarn for this.
28. Crocheted/ knitted tube socks. I don’t seem to see a pattern for these anywhere online or in any books I own, so I think I will wing it. I purchased some cotton sock yarn about a couple of weeks ago on sale, so I’ll use that.
29. Potholders… Pattern I have several and I think I will use all of them. I plan in using up my scrap yarn for this.
30. Broomstick lace cuff/ bracelet, no pattern I can find so far, but I will keep looking and/ or create one. Note this is totally weird as I did see a broomstick lace cuff online and that is why I want to make one- it might have been at I think I will need yarn and supplies for this one.
31. sewn/ quilted sunglasses case. I’ll make the pattern and I will use some scrap fabric I have. I have never quilted before so I need to finger that all out.
32. Summertime dress- sewn. Again I have no pattern just a jot of a design from my fabulous head. I plan on making a pattern and sewing it in quilting fabric- cotton the stuff I love. I do not have fabric for it.
33. A double sided needle case with embroider sizes on it. Again no pattern, so I have to make. I will need fabric.
34. Babette square blanket. Now I do not know how to make a Babette square, but when I figure it out I will make a beautiful blanket. I think I will need yarn for this.

I currently think that is all that I have to complete the book. There is no way this can be done by the end of the year.

So where shall I begin? Reviewing all these projects had me itching to get to work…

So… away at the beach for not enough time… only 3 days of beach. I relly should have scheduled more,  but I will be back at a beach in a month or so… and there is always the pool.

I have put my crafting onto the back burner to do a little relaxing and just plain chillin with the fam.

I did complete a fantastic hook case before I left. As all true crafter know that you must have great things to hold all you stuff. I currently have some goos stuff,  ut most of it bought. I am working on making every thing handmade.

Back to the hookcase. I have decided that I need to learn different stitches, so this was created with a v stitch family from Donna Kooler’s “encyclopedia of crochet”. This book is actually wonderful. I have learn so many thing from it and it has a great collection of stictchs. And I used a crab stitch along the edge. I didn’t really write a pattern for this, but to make you would just need to  v stitch a lenght that you want then, finish off. The add the edging. I used 2 great colors- lime green and purple, both yarns are “I Love this yarn” from hobby lobby and I really think that I love this yarn.



I really wanted it to be like a folder, but the crab stitch around the edge made it look kinda funny just folded and it was not so stable, actually it was just plain floppy looking. So it became a rolled up one and I am very happy with it.

I hand sewed the lining to hold my hooks and things aka crazy crocheter stuff. Some of the hooks have been falling out, so I think I need to resew just to get a tighter edge. Other then that I am super happy I now have a place for my stuff that is small enough to carry around in my crochet basket.

As you can see I am learning about this whole blogging thing as I add my latest and greatest projects up.

I hope you enjoy… If there are any questions, please just holla

… Later

so pumps is getting a train table for christmas. I have set up the track. I just need to make a few adjustments and trace and then it is off to the paint shop called my basement. I hope he loves it. I hope that it gets a lot of use.

I will get some pics and post tomorrow.

I know that I have not been my crafty self lately but I think that is going to be my new years resolution and I shall begin actually right now. There is no reason why I can’t crochet and watch TV or work on some sewing project.  I just need to fix the selves in my room and then get all my stuff organized and then I shall finish that damn book I started like 6 months ago. I would like to give it to pumps for christmas. and I want to make presents this year I need to find a great bag pattern I think for mmm and funky hat for pjk and kmas and mom and dck will have to come to me. i did just find a great hat pattern to crochet for myself. I am about to go look for some black yarn and hopefully get started today. Work should be slow tomorrow I plan on taking it with me and working on it there tomorrow.

Later, I think it time to deal with the room…

I bought an antique typewriter desk for $15 buck a few weeks ago. I am planning on converting it to a sewing desk and hope to do this on Monday. I need to go to home depot.

If any one has any ideas onhow to attach a sewing machine to a folding type table please let me know.  I do hope the peeps at home depot can help.

I need to post more projects on here. And I need to work on more projects. Maybe a trip to the craft/ fabric store is in order for next week.