I have been a bit busy this week it seems.  I completed 3 different things, now please note that none of these projects took that long.

1st I made some super simple birthday cards for my cousin and a friend. I got the idea from something I saw on pinterest- I really do spend too much time on that site. Here are the cards- just a simple happy birthday with some washi tape candles. DSCF0774

I love sending a handmade card. I really think that can just make someone’s birthday.

Next I finally completed the edging to the embroider pillow that me and goose made. I really like it, but the edging seems to turn. No worries- it is just for the goose.

The goose pillow

close up of edging

close up of edging

DSC_1342  DSC_1346

Super Cute I think! It was a total me design from the embroidery to the edging. I just drew out the skull and goose’s name and then I made up the rest of the embroidery. as I went For the edging, I blanket stitched around the edge of the pillow and then made 1 layer of SC then a layer of dc and then a picot around. I have always liked the beauty and simplicity of the picot edge. It is really by default one.

Next I completed the first thing for my friend upcoming birthday. Headband number 1. I like how it turned out, but I may sew up the end the complete it. Right now it is buttoned, but I don’t think that works too well. It doesn’t seem to lay right. I found the pattern on ravelry, but the link is here. It was super easy if you know how to do cables. If not you may want to practice first. now I am not the best knitter and I did have to take out a few rows and this finished one was my second attempt, but I am very please. Also I made it this AM, it only took about 2 hours start to finish. Yes I was up at 730 this AM and will probably want a nap this afternoon.


Now can my productiveness continue into next week? We shall see.

… later



A new multi media project.

A few months ago, e.g. probably last summer, I began a really cool embroidery project of this old school tattoo like thing that says CRAFTY. See..


Well over this Christmas, I finally finished it. Really I finished it because I wanted the basket it was sitting in and had now where else to put it. it is strange the things that motive one to complete projects.

Originally I was going to frame it and hang it up in the craft room, but I for some odd reason decided to make it into a pillow.  I spent a week crocheting blocks for the back, but when I sewed it together the blocks were too big, so I just became a pillow with no fancy back. Well I couldn’t live with that (I wanted fancy and was a little upset that this plan I had in my head didn’t work), so I crocheted an edge on the d*mn thing.

Ta Da..


For the edge, I was real simple. First, I blanket stitched around so I could add the edge. Then I did a round of just single crochet. Then I did the next round double crochet, chain one, skip one, repeat around. I was going to add more, but I was kind of tired of the whole thing. It is hard to crochet on the edge of a stuffed pillow. Any way, I think it looks good, just how it is. Here is close up of the edging…


The fabric used was just some extra scrap that I had. I seem to by fat quarters all the time- they usually end up handy.

Goose and I did some embroidery together as well and he wanted a pillow too, so I am going to do the same kind of thing to it. I will post when I am done- hopefully this week.

I am truly glad I decided to teach myself how to embroider. it is really fun and fast and the finished product looks so great.

… later

So I completed part of a baby gift I am currently working on. Swaddling blankets. Another great project from the purl bee.

I had attempted to make these months ago, but I did not purchase enough fabric, so I made some burp cloths instead. I probably should have done the same this time, but damnit I wanted to make those blankets.

They were super easy and turned out extremely cute.

I choose a beautiful brown fabric with birds and flowers in pink and green and some super soft hot pink flannel. I machine sewed the edging. I just can’t see myself quilting quite yet.

I sure hope she likes them. The baby is due in April so they will make great sleeping blankets for the summer. That is all I ever put in my goose, flannel swaddling blankets.



Now to finish the rest. I want to knit a blanket. I have ripped it out about 5 times now and have chosen about 5 different patterns. I think I might finally have one. Now to get it done by April…

So I know no post in a bit… It seems I have been busy and tired plus I have been using my new camera for pics and that means I actually have to get on the computer to do up any post.

Okay a little of what has been going on…

I made some lovely and kinda normal valentines day cards. I bought myself a heart shaped hole punch and I love it. I think I am going to have to start collecting hole punches. It was so much easier the hand cutting all the little hearts. Also I bought one of the greatest stamps ever!!! It is by Martha Stewart who I am not a big fan of, but her collection of crafty items is fantastic. The stamp is basically letters and you can make it say whatever you want. A very good investment I think…

No pics of the cards I forgot. I think I have one extra I’ll try to find and update. But the cards were very simple punched heart randomly cut scrap book paper and stamped with “love LOVE love”. Again very simple.

I completed some birthday gifts and actually one was on my list of things to do this year… Quilted sunglasses case. This was for KAB and they turned out great, but one was a bit too small and the other was a bit short. I need to rethink the cutting lengths. I did all the sewing on the machine and it took about 10 minutes for each one. The fabric I choose is so beautiful. Very geometric and blue. I actually have a bunch left as I bought a 1/4 yard of each so I plan on making myself a case… Maybe I’ll do a tutorial this weekend… Hmm

Also I purchased a yard and 1/2 for this beautiful green blue fabric. It was what was left on the thingy. I think it’ll be another starboard skirt. I think I need some elastic…

I did take pictures but they are on my camera. I think I need to do some posting this weekend.

Next I made another Katy hat. This one for ICB. I choose some bright orange yarn and followed the pattern to the T. It is beautiful. I added 2 buttons on top if each other and love how it looks.

see below… Pics go me!



I feel as if other things have happened, but at this moment I am at a lose. I have began working on a knitted baby blanket for a coworker. And I purchased fabric to make her some swaddling blankets. And this time I bought enough fabric. Both the patterns are from my favorites site the purl bee.

The knitted blanket is a chevron pattern and seems to be working up quickly. This is a good thing because I still have not gotten anywhere on the notso baby blanket.

… later

So I have not been here in such a long time. It seems my work has blocked this site and I forget to go on at home and really hate typing on my phone. But atlast I do need to update on my latest and greatest completed project, the kitchen set.

I saw a great set on and thought what a wonderful idea for someone who has just gotten married or bought a house. And one of my good friends EKM just bought a house.

I have yet to see the house because it seems we have all been busy and I actually haven’t seen any of my friends in a while. Total boo and it really sucks! Maybe we should go out this weekend? I shall call later.

I digress. Okay the kitchen set on raverly consisted of 2 tea towels with hand crocheted edge, 2 potholders, and a scrubbie. I love the idea, but was not fond of the potholder pattern or the scrubbie, so me being me changed it up.

First, I made 2 lovely dishcloths from sugar n’ cream by lily in colorway peace and daisy ombré. They took about 1 skein of each. I used a knitted pattern from a booklet I have, kitchen colors by lily. I used pattern number 3, dishcloth 1. It is an angled knitting pattern, you begin by increasing then you decrease. It was actual quite simple and allowed me to practice my knitting skills. It was a simple garter stitch too. They turned out well and will work good as dishcloths, but I am not too happy with the colors. I am not sure they go with the rest of the set.



There is a possibility that I will remake them before I actually give the set away.

Next I made the potholders. I used sugar n’ cream cotton in green, hot green, hot orange, yellow, red and mod blue. About 1 skein each. I used the fabulous African flower mandala potholder pattern. For these potholders I did use a G hook and they were a better size. Remember I had made before and they were kinda big. I used a simple picot edge on both of the potholders. And I changed out the back colors, one is yellow and one is orange.

Again, I love this potholders. I may make a set for mom, she could use some new potholders.

African flower mandala potholders…


I would like to see them a bit more colorful, but EKM likes yellow and orange for her kitchen. I did add the blues and greens to go with the tea towels.

Finally, I made 2 lovely tea towels. I purchased about 1/3 yard of home decor fabric. I had to feel to make sure it would work as a tea towel. I believe it is a printed woven cotton, but not sure. I choose a kinda retro flower pattern with a background of lime green. They really didn’t have any yellow/ orange and this was the closest I got.

On a side note, I purchased this fabric from hobby lobby (a kinda craft chain store in my area) for $3.98. I had already purchased some fabric, but I decided against it, from Joann’s fabrics for about $15.00. Yes it was also 1/3 yard. So I have learned a valuable lesson: hobby lobby I’d cheaper for fabric. It is too bad they don’t have as much fabric as Joann’s.

Back to the tea towels. I cut them about 27 inches x 17 inches and hemmed the edges. I really just folded the fabric in half and cut it. Then I folded the sides to match. I measure somewhat but I usually just wing it. I used my machine for the hemming. Then I did a blanket stitch at each end of both towels with a sharp yarn needle and yarn. I also used lily sugar n’ cream yarn in yellow and hot orange. I then sc across, turned and did picot edge around. I chose this edge to match the potholders. I did do one towel edging in yellow and one in orange. It was nothing to fancy, but when completed it added just the right amount of something to the handmade towels.

Tea towels…


Now for the whole set together…



It turned out quite beautiful and I have ravelred it here.

What you have not heard of You like to knit and crochet? You should totally check out and join. It is free online community for knitters and crocheters around the world. I have gotten some great inspiration from there and some great patterns as well. Also I have meet a few others like me. It seems there are a lot of us out there.

… later

So all Halloween costume were completed Sunday and they are so great. We trick or treated last night and we will be the talk of the neighborhood. Probably not, I just am so super excited about the costumes and how great they are.

We will be goose: batman, stella bean: Batdog, me: robin the boy wonder, OHM: Alfred.

The batman costume…


The batdog costume…


The robin costume…


And all if us in our costumes… In parts sorry…




Please please ignore how huge I look. I really think it was the costume, but atlast I know I need to lose some weight. More on that later…

So sorry for the lacking posts lately. I have been super busy with the new puppy and the potholders and Halloween is coming up so costumes needed to be made.

First update, I have completed the general potholders. I am
Now ready to begin on the day of the dead potholders. I believe I shall begin tonight. I need to get some pics of the general potholders and get it up. They are great and in this fantastic stack in my room and every time I look at them I just smile.


Now I began these potholders because I had a great big basket of just scrap yarn left over from projects. I realized that I haven’t even made a dent in the basket, so now what do I do with all this beautiful yarn?

I did make a few granny squares. I kinda like them and maybe I will just make some and then have a blanket. I do want a granny square blanket.

So some of my friends are having babies. One twins boy and girl, and one a boy. I was going to make swaddling blankets, but atlast I did not purchase enough fabric so I made burp cloths. I always had one with me when goose was a little guy. Very simple and very practical.


I do love them and I hope they do as well!

So Halloween is in a week and I have completed goose’s costume. At first he was going to a fireman, then about 2 weeks ago he stated he wanted to be Batman, but not just any Batman- neon green Batman. So of course, I had to make it. It is done and totally awesome.


I have completed my Halloween cards as well. They are simple yet super cute! I truly do love making things!


Now I just need to make the dogs costume and finish the Christmas gifts.

… later