So last week was the first week of summer vacation for my little goose. He has just completed his first year of regular school, aka kindergarten and now has a few months of pool time.

On the first day of summer, our neighborhood pool opened. I had been waiting all week for it to open. And finally it came. So we went. Now I live just north of Atlanta in Georgia, so it can get pretty hot beginning in early may. This year it has been unseasonable cooler. I will not complain the weather has been awesome but the pool was a bit cold on that first day.


My little goose on the first day of summer. After we swam for a couple of hours we came home and had dinner and then had a bonfire. Usually it would have been to hot for that at the end of may, but it was perfect.

It was the perfect way to begin summer.



So as always I want to change my life- no real big changes, I think I just want to do more to make me happy. Why has this all come about again? Well I spent the weekend at the beach and that always makes me want to be happier because the beach makes me happy…

Tybee Island 2013

Things to do to make me happier…
1. Start selling crochet and knit projects. Start creating patterns to sell… BEGIN TO EXPAND MY TALENT… big task, but I am in no rush and the extra income would be nice. Now if I could just not deal with Etsy- they kinda get on my nerves. So plan- work on the few patterns that I have created and make things to sell.
2. Read and educate myself more. There are all kinds of list of books you should read in your 20s, 30s, before this and that. I need to read more of the classics. I know I can’t stand old english or Victorian or Shakespeare, but I think I do need to stop reading crap and start increasing my brain knowledge- so plan 30 minutes of reading prior to bed every day.
3. LIVE AT THE BEACH… no this one is the one to really work on, bu

And that is all folks…


So a lovely lady that I work with is leaving for a new job working from home. About a month ago I found this website with totally funky and punky embroidery patterns located here. It is really cool, the style is a little bit old school tattoo and punk rock. I heart it.

So this is the site I got my home sweet home embroidery pattern from… Did I post it? Hmmm…

Anyway. This site has a cute pattern that says cubicle sweet cubicle which I thought would be great for the girls at work, but at last we are no longer in cubes. So this was the inspiration for this particle project.

I hand embroidered a lovely little thing that says sweet home office. I pulled in some elements for the home sweet home project and some from the cubicle sweet cubicle pattern and then added some of my own touches. I do have to say I love it, no really LOVE IT!!!



Now the back…


My lighting was not that good last night. I need to get a light box for photographs…

Moving on. I made it into a little wall hanger thingy. I did this by cutting a piece of cardboard to fit in the hoop, hot gluing the actually embroider piece around the cardboard and then hot gluing a piece of fabric to the back. The back fabric bunched so I added the ric rac to cover it. Then I added some ribbon to hang it.

So lovely. I think I want to embroider for a while. Just maybe….

… Later

So, I have had a couple of birthdays within the last month and the next. And as I always make all my gifts, I have made my gifts for them.

I made a couple sets of granny square slippers. The pattern is from . I truly do love that site. They are super easy. You really just make about 6 squares for each slipper.

I used so bits and bobs of leftover yarn. I do love the yarn ball collection that I have. For one set, I used I love this yarn in black tweed, red, and cream. The lovely young lady that are for loves the Atlanta Falcons and these are there colors. They turned out pretty cool.

Atlanta falcons granny slippers

Atlanta falcons granny slippers


So for the second pair, I choose some pretty wild colors… neon green, neon orange, and mulberry purple. They are for another lovely young lady at work. Again I used some bits and bobs of yarn and they were all i love this yarn. These are quite fantastic…

Neon granny square slipper

Neon granny square slipper


Now just what to do for my next project. I think that I am going to make a cowl for me and possibly a stadium blanket for the Atlanta Falcons fan. She is alway cold and I think it would be very nice. I guess I need to go get some yarn for that.

Other things… work is great. we have moved offices and are now downstairs in our own suite. It is great. We need to get a few things for the exam rooms and lab, and my office furniture is not there yet, but it is nice. I am diligently working on the craft room. The paint we had is not the color I was expecting so now the curtains I had plans and accent color will not work. I need to rethink the colors. I have about half painted the room. The goose is running a fever and not feeling well so I am sitting with him and typing while he is watching spongebob. I hope he feels better tomorrow I would like to finish the room.

…. later

so I have always wanted to learn how to embroider, but just haven’t gotten around to it. well this week I began a small project. I discover this website that sold embroidery kits/ patterns. it is located here. I kinda got lost on the site for a bit.

well I downloaded some pics and transferred one onto some cloth. probably totally illegal so I will note that I did not design this at all. and then I began my entry into embroidery. it is super easy.

well here is the finished framed product…


it looks great. I do think I need to reframe it, but I still love it.

… later

I finally did it! I completed the notso baby blanket I began for my goose 2 years ago!

it is a wonderful crochet ripple blanket inspired by a couple amazing knit blankets from the purl bee found here and here. at the time I began I did not knit. I do now so maybe the next big project will be a knitted blanket.

okay the yarn: I love this yarn from hobby lobby in orange, burnt orange, yellow, cream, grey beard, limelight, and forest green. I worked up to the forest green then back to the orange. the pattern was just a stitch from my stitch encyclopedia a basic ripple stitch.

and finally … tada….



it looks so good on his bed. it is truly perfect!

what to do now….